Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Gina Carano

To MMA fans, Gina is old news. But for many of you guys, she is the answer to the question: "Who is that hot chick in this movie "Haywire?"

I had a rough day today. Somebody sent me this link which purports to be a Gina Carano Overdose of pictures. They were right. After about 193 clicks, I found myself passed out on the floor in a rather embarrassing position.

It was hard to do, but I picked the one I liked best. A simple face shot, with a wool hat. Am I nuts? No. I just admire her pristine facial beauty. Perfect smile. Cheek bones of a model. Gleaming brown eyes and jet black hair. A nice mix of 1 part Cindy Crawford, 1 part Mandy Moore, and 2 parts female action figure.


  1. Czabe,

    When can you go back to the old format, this one sucks!!!!

  2. Hoping her agents are finally telling her that, its fun and all to fight for a living, but she doesn't have to. She's just starting to realize her box office potential and she can make a ton more money with that face, bruise-free.