Monday, January 9, 2012

Tim Tebow Throws The Football Like A Javelin

This is, frankly, horrendous. And it's NEVER going to be fixed. But if you think John Elway and Co. can "coach this up" and make him a viable, long-term, starting QB in this league.....?

Well... good luck.


  1. looks very much like the 7 car up in Philly..... and the ole' junk slinger was a picture of outstanding QB mechanics.....
    to quote czabe " I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin...."

  2. Can't even give him a break for one day, huh? Maybe you and Merrill Hoge can start your own "Tebow Sucks" show? I'm sure you can fill 4 hours a day...

  3. Really Czabe? You bitch, moan, complain, critique... whatever, pick your word... about Tebow's ability, consistently and frequently. WE GET IT! You say "bet the house" on the game and you get faced. Then... This, right after the game? Czabe, you're losing respect on this Tebow thing. You're sounding like a crybaby, "But, but, but..."

  4. Oh come on, Czabe!
    I know he made your prediction look foolish and all, .....
    but now all you can do play the 'mechanics' card on him.
    I am no idiot. I KNOW he is not going to be a consistent elite QB in this league for many years and win multiple super bowls, etc, etc .....
    But I will NEVER understand the total reluctance / refusal to just jump on board and enjoy Tebow for what he is, which is a truly great guy who has his team on a most unlikely run right now and it really has been a good story.
    That was awesome yesterday.

  5. Yeah his mechanics suck and he missed some bad throws yeserday that a good QB doesn't miss....but they won the game and 1 of the best QB's in NFL history (Brett Farve, as mentioned above) had terrible mechanics also.

  6. Czabe! You're back on in Harrisburg, PA (AM 1350). Hoooray. 2012 is already turning out to be a great year!

    That being said, all us Tebow doubters took a lickin' on Sunday. It's time to cover up and ride out that round. It's definitely not time to be swinging haymakers. Like C-DUB said above, no one with any brains is going to claim he's going to be a long-term, elite QB in this league, but he's having his moments, and it had me watching a playoff game yesterday I probably would have blown off otherwise.

    Let's face it, its' some of his more sanctimonious supporters who we really hate, no so much the T-man himself. Tebow is an unpredictable roller coaster ride that's going to end all too soon. Throw your hands up in the air and enjoy the rush. In three years, we'll look fondly back and say, "Hey, remember when that overgrown option QB took the Broncos on an improbable ride through the playoffs? Wasn't that a kick?" And then go back to watching Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers dominate the league and re-write the record books.

    But, hot damn, I'm glad I have you back on the AM dial in my area!

  7. Czabe, you've played golf with Jim Furyk who does not exactly have the prettiest swing on the tour. But it works for him and he's won a US Open, a Fedex Cup (not that it matters) and has been a PGA tour of player of the year. Who cares what the swing looks like if he delivers!

    With Tebow, you're breaking down the video of his throwing motion that you say can't work when he hit the receiver in stride that led to a game winning touchdown?

    Get a grip.

  8. Seriously?

    Your "lock" prediction blows up in your face, so now you're reduced to whimpering about the guy's "mechanics?"


    Dude, I'm a fan of your work, but please for the love of humanity, Give. It. Up.

    The reflexive Tebow-haters just officially became more irritating than the reflexive Tebow-worshippers, and I say that as someone who's 100% ambivalent about the whole thing.

    He is what he is, a unique player with unique skills.

  9. You're slipping, Czabe. I fully expected to see the following video demonstrating the throwing style of Lamar Latrell:

  10. I completely agree with your analysis. Was there an earthquake inside the 5 Hour Dome while you were filming it?

  11. All this from a guy who consistently pushes Anne Hathaway as a snickie? Your taste in women is only matched by your inability as a sports analyst. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  12. WOW.. talk about "chasin it" C-zabe... you just keep diggin in on this one when anyone with an ounce of humiliy and self respect would lick their wounds and quitely let it play out.... I wont get into vile namecalling, but your really living up to your Donkey status on this one.

    BTW, how many stripped balls has Tebow suffered as a result of these HORRIBLE mechanics?

    Also, if this is all you can come up with to bitch about...... WEEEEAAAAKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Czabe - It's mostly a left-handed thing. Go look at Steve Young or Vick highlights. He's not going to be Brees or Rodgers. But, he just outplayed Rothlisburger against the #1 defense in the league. Don't forget his 60 ypg rushing with a TD every other game. Not bad for a guy with less than a full season as a starter under his belt...

  14. Yeah...he did it against a team that lost:
    A. it's entire defensive line in 3 plays
    B. a QB with a detached ligament in his ankle
    C. a secondary missing it's LEADING tackler due to illness

    Call me when he beats a real team, not a MASH unit.

  15. seriously, tripods don't cost that much.

  16. Jersey's flying of shelves: check!
    Sell-out stadium in January: check!
    Sets NFL record for average yards per completion: check!


    (p.s. Matt Ryan is 0 - 3 in playoffs... just sayin)

  17. Oh, do you think they teach Barry Bonds' swing in little league? Everything Bonds does at the plate is practically the opposite of what they "teach" and want you to conform to.

    Cam Newton, sitting at home; Timmy Tebow, on his way to divisionals.

  18. Czabe, the first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.

  19. Czabe, are you sure you want to keep making these definitive statements that keep blowing up in your face?

  20. You know what? I'm so done with Czabe finding something about which to criticize Tim Tebow. Give the guy his due and move on. So what if his mechanics aren't textbook. He does enough to win.

    So if the long of the week going to be the Patriots over the Broncos?

  21. To paraphrase Dr. Dre:

    When you dis Tebow, you dis yourself.

  22. I'd love to have this guy here in DC. Beats what we had slinging the ball around this past season for Father and Son Shanahan.

  23. Tim Tebow is the last outpost of The Greatest Generation, and here's the post that proves it.

    In this corner: a devout individual who ignores the crowd, says nothing bad about anyone, yet politely fights like a monster on behalf of something bigger than himself... team, faith, you name it.

    In this corner: a professional talking head forced to rely on third-hand minutiae as the basis of his latest failed criticism on behalf of the secular masses who can't stand a guy that makes them feel like self-centered pindicks.

    You don't like him, fine. Why is it so important that others follow your lead?

  24. Just hold on for one more week, then you can gloat to your heart's content after Brady and Co. whip up on the Broncos. Just remember, Tebow's team (full team effort) made it to the second round of the playoffs. Many NFL Prototype QB's would like to make that claim right now.

    Give the 'NFL Snobbery' a rest.

  25. Czabe:

    Tebow is Rocky Balboa in a league full of Ivan Dragos. Ivan is technically perfect, but Rocky wins because he has heart. Get over it, dude.