Monday, January 23, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Monica Potter

So I'm happening across one of my wife's shows the other day walking through the living room and - WHOA - who the snickity-doo-da-day is THAT who looks like a younger, blonder version of Julia Roberts?

Answer: Monica Potter, of NBC's ensemble show "Parenthood."

Nice. Let's get this gal into more movies and TV shows, and not just slasher dreck like The Last House on the Left.

HYBRID: Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger, and a splash of Kristina Applegate.


  1. Czabe, she is a snicky of yesteryear. Back then she wasn't so streamlined and had a bit rounder face, but was still smokin' hot. See her in Con Air as Cage's wife and in Patch Adams co-starring with Robin Williams.

  2. Younger hotter and coherent version of Julia Roberts. Nice choice Czabe. Monica Potter keeps getting better and better.