Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shrimpy McTryhard

Mark Sanchez is cooked in New York.


At this point, given the media feeding frenzy in that city, with those sports fans, this is not going to end well for him. The only question, is how soon will it end.

Sanchez isn't the worst QB in the world. But the gap between his hype and the reality is a gulf that simply can't be bridged.

I remember when Steve Young - whose opinions on the position I usually greatly respect - said that Sanchez was "almost presidential" in his demeanor and approach to the game.

Yeah, sure.

And for everybody keeping score on MY bad calls on players (see Newton, Cam et. al.) at least here's one that I DID get right. In fact, I was cringing and begging the Redskins NOT to fall in love and trade up ahead of the Jets to snag him 3 years ago.

Danny Boy and Co. had the patented Redskins "big dinner" with Sanchez, and every report was that they came away swooning like Young.

Luckily for Skins fans, the team had so little trade ammunition in their gun locker, they couldn't pull the trigger.

It's now Woody Johnson's mess to clean up.

Mind you, none of the above absolves the gutless, unprofessional, team cancers who decided to speak anonymously on the record with such bluntness. It's just that Sanchez just will never turn it around now, not with this poison in the well up there.

Which brings me to the time tested argument about whether certain QBs have "led" their team to (insert title game or Super Bowl here) or if they merely "went to" the (insert title game or Super Bowl here).

When it comes to Rex Grossman here in Washington, almost nobody falls back on the argument that Rex "led" the Bears to the Super Bowl. It's pretty common knowledge that Rex merely "went to" that game, WITH a phenomenal defense and Devin Hester being "ridiculous."

I say the same with Shrimpy McTryhard. He just "went to" two AFC championships, he didn't really drive the Jets there himself. Go ahead, look at the game-by-games and make your own judgement.



If the Jets don't make a bold move with Sanchez, and merely try to "stay the course" and hope he improves, it will be a slow torturous drip drip drip of rumors and second guessing with every single pick-6, fumble, or blown throw.

If you CAN get Peyton Manning, and he does SEEM fully healthy, well then you just have to do it.

Then we'd have Manning vs. Manning in Gotham. Epic. Sign me up.


  1. Meh. The Jets are Rex Ryan's mess. Like his Dad, he's a another textbook example of "The Peter Principle." Great coordinator but apparently out of his depth as a head coach.

    I'm not saying you're wrong about Sanchez being toast in the Big Apple, but in those 6 playoff games listed, he has 9 TD passes, only 3 INTs and a passer rating of well over 90. Just goes to show once again that "Statistics ARE for losers."

  2. Is it me or are those stats from last year's playoffs . . . really good?

    Obviously his rookie year, they had the top defense and the top rushing attack in the league, so he wasn't doing much.

    In any event, Sanchez is trash, and I'm also glad Vinny did not have the ammo to move up and draft him.

    Of course, the only reason why Vinny didn't have the ammo to move up that year, was because of all the other stupid trades he made to deplete us of picks, but whatever.

  3. I think Tim T would look good in NY. His stats are almost equivalent to Sanchez