Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Halle Berry

Here's the problem with searching for a fantastic photo of Halle Berry on the internet.

Your work, is never finished.

Once you come upon the most spectacular, perfect, oh-my-GAWD-just-look-at-that photo... well then there's a better one just two clicks away.

So you search and search and search, and start assembling a folder of "finalists" that you promise yourself you will feed into some kind of NCAA style bracket contest to determine the absolute BEST Halle Berry photo....

... and then you finally just give up and say: "Here. This should do."

All that said, just remember kids: David Justice eventually got sick of waking up to this, which means *something*, I am sure.


  1. How about the very nice clip of her in the movie "Swordfish". You know the one I mean.

  2. I like a girl who looks good with a knife -