Friday, January 13, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Kardashian Sampler

Rumors have it that Kim's ill-fated 72 day sham marriage to Kris Humphries is, incredibly, wreaking ACTUAL damage to her "star" power. Amazing that a contrived "star" with no real talent, would be hurt by a contrived stunt on a contrived reality show.

Oh well.

Now there is a rumor out there that ONE of these wholesome gals, is GASP, not actually from Bruce Jenner's own baby batter. ZOMG! Can you guess which one? Apparently, Kris Jenner admits she was a little wild with her sexual escapades back in the day, so Khloe might just be the pool boy's daughter.

Enjoy them now, kids. We're at 13 minutes on their 15 Minutes of Fame clock.


  1. None of these 3 are Jenner's, they are supposedly Robert Kardashian's offspring.

  2. What the hell?

    I came here expecting a detailed post about how horrible Tebow's footwork is, and you give me this!!!


    PS -- What, no hints this week about how to bet against the Broncos offshore?

  3. Except for being about eight-feet tall, Khloe actually looks decent in this photo. How did that happen?