Thursday, January 7, 2010

Agent Less-Than-Zero

While everybody and their mother is busy killing Gilbert Arenas, allow me to focus on the real issue.

David Stern.

The AWOL Commissioner continues to prove (to me, at least) that he has become the do-nothing, see-nothing, useless hood ornament of a league that continues its PR death spiral.

Stern hit him with an “indefinite” suspension, that “will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, perhaps worse.”

Ooohhhhhh. Shaking.

Why did Stern suspend Arenas? Not for bringing guns into an NBA arena/lockeroom and “jokingly” urging his pissed off team-mate to “pick one” to use to shoot him.


Stern suspended Arenas for clowning.

“His ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not fit to take the court in an NBA game” said the commish in a statement.


The court might be the only place he’d be “fit” to appear right now. At least you can’t hide a gun in your game shorts. (I think.)

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, has a detailed chronology of how many times, and how many ways, Arenas seemed to be taunting the league’s inaction on this issue.

Stern tried to claim he was protecting the legal process by urging restraint on the league’s part, and the Wizards. This is idiocy. Sitting Arenas down – even as a “healthy scratch” – while still paid, and still on the roster, was the easy MINIMUM the team should have done.

It would not have impeded any legal proceedings. It would not have violated the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement. It would not have been any rush to judgment because Arenas had already admitted to the embarrassing (and yes, criminal) act!

Stern’s duties as commissioner are multi-fold. But certainly one of the most important, is to be the guardian of the league’s image.


If Gilbert isn’t suited up and playing, then he can’t become the new poster-boy for spoiled, idiotic, overpaid, criminal NBA athletes. That photo would have never happened.

That photo, now out there FOREVER, in the bloodstream of the world wide web and beyond, happened because David Stern was asleep at the switch.


Funny, because Getty Images which took the photo, is merely a distributor of the image. The NBA still owns the liscense. At about 3 p.m. yesterday, as and other outlets were picking up on it, the NBA directed Getty to remove the photo from their archives.

Good job, boys. Little late, don’t you think?

Somebody (probably not Stern) soon realized the league SUPPRESSION of a photo like this, would then become a major story, called Getty back and asked them to please restore access to the photo.

It was the first smart thing the NBA has done. Let’s see if it is the last.


  1. The NBA is a joke. I agree with you that unless Stern steps down, this league is going bye bye. I don't watch any games anymore, other than a Bucks game once a week. It's a rigged league that jacks up the scoring by slowing the game down at the free throw line. My friend is a middle school basketball coach and he forbids his players from watching the NBA because it is a horrible example of team basketball, collectively. Add in the gangsters and its junk. -Z

  2. Everyone needs to read Jason Whitlock's column today on for his take on this. Excellent read!!!

  3. You gotta admit though...that's a pretty funny picture. It makes me smile.

  4. It takes a lot to make Commissioner Bud look competent. Ya gotta give Stern some credit for that.

  5. I wonder if whoever owns the Wizards now is looking for a way to get out of their contract with Arenas. I think everyone would consider his current contract a disaster for the team.

    Sterns biggest problem is the NBA is too focused on promoting players instead of teams.

  6. stuff like what Zack posted makes me laugh. lemme guess? they dont play defense, they let traveling go always, the midrange game is dead, blah blah blah

    stern haters seem to forget where this league was before he got there . the nba finals was on tape delay - the league has by far the best internationa maret, which is why it has remained viable even though attendance is clearly down (ticket prices still too high)

    stern is the best commish ever in terms of where the league is now vs. where it was when he took over. by no means perfect or beyond ciicism, bu he gets it far more than the other commisiones. is not even close.