Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Hey Ya'll... Watch This...."

For 4 months now, Brett Favre has been ridin' dirty on punks like me.

But ain't karma a bitch, Brett?

This is what you do. It's how you roll. Even your buddy (enabler) Tom Jackson said on ESPN: "Brett Favre is not afraid to throw picks. That's what I like about him."

Does that mean it's okay to say "Adrian Peterson is not afraid to fumble. That's what I like about him."

Or perhaps: "John Calipari is not afraid to put a program on probation. That's what I like about him."

The backbreaking INT by Favre - the hopefully concluding movement of the Favre Playoff Gaffe Opus - was certainly not the only reason they lost the game. But it was so typical Brett.

To riff off of the self-evident phrase "Big time players, make big time plays", I give you the Favreian version: "Narcissist quarterbacks, make narcissistic plays."

Why didn't Favre just throw the ball away? Or hobble ahead on his bum ankle for a valuable 5 extra yards and a shot by Ryan Longwell from distance?

You know why.

Guys who don't have to show up for training camp, never have to say they are sorry.

Completing that pass, across his body, on the run, with an 800-pound bag of beat-down given to him by the Saints during that game, would have set up the game winning field goal and a gusher of "can you believe this ol' legend did it again!?" commentary from his adoring media.

Would have been sweet for HIM, no?

But it didn't happen, so, um, sucks for YOU.

"By the way, fellas, please don't call me this off-season. I'll call you. And then not call. Then call and hang up. Maybe I'll call, imitate a voice, pretend I've got the wrong number, and then put you on hold for 4 hours while I go play golf.

Then I'll leak rumors to Peter King, Jay Glazer, and Ed Werder. Each one will be somehow triangularly contradictory. I'll leave all that up to wild speculation by everyone, and then pretend to not know or care what's going on as I live my simple agrarian lifestyle in Mississippi."

Hating Favre, post-Packer divorce, has been the easiest thing in sports. The guy has shown himself as an indisputably dishonest, manipulating, me-first diva, who carries a petty and vengeful streak that defies all common sense.

The full concerto is now complete. The overtime balloon-ball in Philadelphia in the "4th & 26" game, the overtime pick in the Ice Bowl II, and now this.

Ah, how sweet it is. Suck it, number four!

Maybe it's time to re-mix your favorite song with new lyrics...

"Balls on the ground.... balls on the ground..."
"Lookin' like a fool with those balls on the ground..."

"With the stubble on your face..."
"Hat worn out"
"Call yourself a gunslinger... looking like a fool."

Was that wrong? Because it felt so good.


  1. Don't forget that the "tough" gunslinger has been too afraid to tuck the ball and run for years now, it cost the Vikings the game. Remember what Elway did in Superbowl XXXII? He was and old man not afraid to run and take a hit when the game was on the line like Favre was.

  2. Czabe,... consider this.

    Favre is the "Hollywood Hogan" of the NFL. And just like his WWE counterpart, all he was able to accomplish is becoming a villain in the twilight of his career so that NFL fans can enjoy the sport and sportswriters like us can make the drama of the story flow.

    And just like Hogan doing the "job" when he was once a mighty hero to a generation of fans way back when, Favre put over the young up-and-coming stars on the Saints to build up another fan base for the future.

  3. Ahhhh yes Brett was back, the Brett we Packer fans here in Wisconsin(you know, the sucker state)and around the world have finally seen for all he's worth. We called him, gunslinger, not afraid to throw it anywhere,we loved it and he did'nt disappoint. The loveable,aw shucks country bumpkin who really played everyone,he loved us fans when we supported him through his vicadin days,we pitched in alot of money and help and concern when Katrina hit, we cried with him when he lost his father, he wanted us to think that was all to him.Manipulate us, leave us hangin',CRY ON THE SCREEN, saying I don't have anything left,THE PACKERS CONTRARY TO REPORTS DID NOT FORCE ME OUT then he changes his mind after the Packers did what THEY had to do, now he force's their hand and the Packers look like suckers, Us fans look like suckers and just a few sports writers that are in his pocket start up the "poor Brett pity train" and we the fans are left on the sideline wondering what the hell just happened! Poor Aaron too, putting up with a dick who was'nt there to help him along in his development(Not his job, team player, yes?). We can handle all that then this garbage about wanting to go and shove it to Ted Thompson by, again, sports writers,select ones starting up all the garbage again,he wants to play for the vi-queens, our hated rival and what? He thinks we'll all just say, Shucks Brett, you're doing what you got to do, the Packers rolled on you, did you see all the fair weather, brett lovin' only Packer fans? Just a bunch of traitors,throwing on the purple no. 4, yep! Gotta love 'em....may they all cry their eyes out, until NEXT season comes along! And then the vi-queens fans, who HOWLED AND YELLED FOR HIS HEAD AS HE PICKED THEM APART, the vitral,assine and vile things they said about him but WAIT! He's coming to us? GREATEST PLAYER SINCE.....(name your favorite)! Well suck on it all you Minnesota fans,you just got a ride on the Brett Favre roller coaster and it ain't done yet! At the end of playing for us(remember the cold game against the Giants, huddled by the heater,throwing picks,blah,blah,blah?) You got THAT Brett, too bad you guys need to play indoors,not out in the great outdoors, THAT is real football and I think you would have seen alot more of the OLD gunslinger out there with Mother Nature, but you get what you pay for,10 million to get to the promised land.......0-4....STILL and BRETT helped you get there,dry your eyes, there's more of the ego show to come!!! Oh by the way, I am a PROUD Packer fan, I do not root for ANYONE other than my Packers, regardless who plays for them, left us or had a hissy fit with MY team. My blood's green and gold, no room for any kind of purple .....EVER!!!! Brett, I love you, you WERE the Packer but when you did what you did, sorry. Hall of Fame, you will be, in Packer colors, we will see. GO PACK!!! Hi Steve! Love ya on Bob and Brian btw

  4. If the Vikings want to ensure BRett comes back for another season, perhaps they should use up two draft picks on QB's. That would most certainly bring #4 back for another season. His ego just will not allow himself to be replaced. Perhaps Brett ultimately wants to retire from a great team, to see it fail epically as soon as he is gone. Favre was the puzzle piece in Minnesota, no doubt about it. He was brilliant for most of the season. So he retires, and we all talk about what a difference he made. Then Minnesota moves up in another Herschel Walker like trade and drafts a legit talet at QB. A guy who may win immediately, then does. Favre fades away. There will be no fan base mourning the loss of Brett Favre, wishing he was still playing. Its all ego, and ego is why you throw the back breaking pick time and time again, in record setting fashion. He's all yours Minnesota, enjoy.

  5. The Brett Favre Kool-aid drinkers are now saying "Yah, but.....".
    Favre has always been about Favre....period. He is such a liar he would lie to his wife if......oh, he has done that already.Watching that last throw was like being in heaven. I only wish they would have show his stupid-ass wife as much when he threw the interception as they did the rest of the game. Titletown is victorious. The divorce is final.


    a penalty for 12 men in the huddle prior to the INT, AFTER a timeout...

    The Ol' Gunslinger didn't lose this game, the multitude of gaffs did.

    It's great articles like this though that make me wish that The Czabe was still on the air and not SAS so texter nation could sound off!

  7. Even if he hadn't thrown the interception, they still would have had to kick a very long field goal that they probably would have missed.

    Does he retire? I don't know and don't really care. I hope he doesn't since, even with his reckless throws, is one of the 10 best QB's out there.

  8. Stupid-ass wife? Stay classy, ACPPIPE!

    Czabe I love ya and though I disagree with your hatin', I'm OK with it. Anytime I get a chance to hear you with B&B, I'll do it because you're that damn good.

    But you can count me as one that wanted to see the old man come through. Yes, he's a diva, just like old TT and No-Neck up there in GB. But he's a warrior. For those who cannot see that and for those who take football so seriously that they cannot get over the fact that their team made a horrible decision launching him in the first place, I can only say that you are all so very, very small.

  9. Jimbo,

    How can you possibly say that the packers "made a horrible decision launching him in the first place" ?? Are you telling me the packers should of sat around and let Favre hold them hostage for two more years deciding to retire and unretire constantly?? He is a player he doesn't run the team which basically what he tried to control. Aaron Rodgers is the first quarterback ever to throw for 4,000 yards in his first two years, so you need to be blind or an idiot to realize the packers did exactly the right thing.

  10. Favre aside, Childress is the worst coach in the NFL. but he can kiss Favre's ass all day due to his 3 year contract extension.

  11. Karma....she is a bitch and she always, ALWAYS wins.
    Czabe, you are spot on. Favre will drag Minnesota through the retirement/unretirement saga for the next 6 months.
    I predict he comes back. He is too much of a narcissist to give up the attention. Also, he needs to pad his numbers and hope Peyton doesn't catch him.

  12. I don't guess it matters that Favre had a phenomenal season, the game in question was the NFC Championship, and he fired at least one sweet spot-on laser-guided pass during that drive. If you want to say that he lost the game you can also say that they were only there because of him.

  13. I have been a Favre fan since his first day as a Packer, but I am a Packer fan first and foremost. Favre orchestrated the whole comeback to the Packers scenerio just so he could get to the Vikings. The only reason he played a season for the Jets was so he could retire, get his release, and then go the Vikings. He is a lying, back-stabbing, egotistical S.O.B. The Pack did not force him out, he did it intentionally and was aided by the commisioner of football, who forced the Packer's hand. I still have my Favre shirine at home, I just don't worship at it anymore. Now it's for rememberence. Go Ted! Go Mike! Go Aaron!

  14. I've had just about enough of your Favre-bashing, young lady.

    Seriously, get over it. Favre's performance in that game was awesome, tough, gritty, and bunch of other important things. If Precious Peyton had taken those hits, he would have been wobbly and scared for the rest of the game. With 3 lost fumbles and a running back/wide receiver corps with the fumble yips, Favre calmed them down and brought them back from the brink. The pass? Well, it sucks. But, he thought he had it.
    For me, it's the National Favre League. He's the sultan and the teams are is harem. Like Hugh Hefner choosing a new bunny girlfriend, Favre should simply be able to pick and choose which team he plays for each week of the season.
    Czabe always says, have you done enough to appreciate the NFL season because it's gone before you know it. Well, one day, Favre will for real-real be gone. And then, the game will be slightly less awesome without him.

  15. I could deal with Favre's less than stellar performances if he wasn't such a prima donna. Even though I am a Pats fan, I loved watching him play for Green Bay from the early 90's up until about 2005. His continual retirement garbage and attempts to put himself above the game drove me crazy and continue even now. He is the one player I root against in the NFL now. Steve's upper decker comment a month or so from now for Vikings fans is about to come true.

  16. Good call "NostraKidHorn".....didn't know you could see the future. You must crush your man every week with that foresight. And if I read your post right, the INT was no big deal or just as good as not even trying the long figgie in a tie game to go to the Super Bowl. Just settle for OT. No need to even bring Longwell in there.

  17. Jimbo
    How's the kool-aid? Brett is a liar. Believe it.He is in love with himself. And as for his wife......she has you completely fooled. Classy enough?

  18. Using Favre's alleged ego or contract manipulations aren't an adequate basis for your sick Favre bashing.

    ego. A professional athlete, three-time league MVP, QB may just have a little ego, so what? He's a better QB than most QB's who's ever played the game. He knows it. Does he jaunt around the field like stinko-ohno?

    Contract manipulation? That's weak. I hope he would be a Packer forever but even the 49'ers let Joe M. go. Get over it.

    Three last second losses in playoff games? Too many interceptions? While it hurts, one play doesn't make a game. You can point to hundreds of decisions and plays in a game that lead to the final score. He got them there through fumbles and devastating hits.

    The games aren't about one pass. You don't show up to the game to watch one play. It's still infuriating as a fan but this season has been awesome and I want him to come back.

  19. Hey JoeinDC -

    Hey tough guy! What's this calling Czabe a "young lady"? Maybe you should get mouth off Favre's bratwurst and stick to worrying about your mediocre Redskins! Better yet, maybe Danny Boy will sign the Diva Queen. Unlike you, Czabe understands all the crap that #4 has put us Packer fans through. No ONE player is bigger than the league and now the Vikings get to deal with the narcissist.

  20. It's a Simpson's quotes. Replace Favre with Vassar. Internet tough guy, indeed.

    My Packer fandom is pretty secure. I listen to Czabe list the crimes of Favre and it seems to me that his sin is not retiring when A. Rodgers was ready to go. I'm not impressed with the indictment.

  21. As good of a job as you do Steve, the only true colors exposed are yours, not simply as a favre hater but a jealous and delusional simpleton. Your pathetic redskins blow and you need an outlet.

    Read Andrew Brandt's comments from earlier this season and you will understand 1) the packers had no interest in selling out to "win now" starting at least as early as 2006. Selling out is something you do with a 3 time mvp HOFer, not with a POS qb (Campbell) like your clueless owner has done for years. aside - they got you in this regard, though. remember all the creaming you did about Campbell in 2008?? yeah, you sure are dialed in, and 2) bf manipulated no one. He did not want to be a Jet at all (check the ev. if you like), and did not want to be a Viking until it was clear the packers were more interested in building a team around aaron rodgers. Packer Mgmt - "You (BF) are getting killed you say? Eh, so what, we're not committing big dollars to Wahle, he's getting old. You would like one of the top two receivers of all time? Uh, no. we dont have the time, money or patience for that -- a WR who now holds the all time record for TDs in a year (set that year Ted told Randy to go blow himself). We are concerned about winning in 2009 and beyond with arod. Now run along and let us know when youre gonna quit."

    Ya see, I can easily expose how clueless you (and all the dimwit ditto-czabes posting here) are by simply referencing your discussion about Drew Brees a few weeks ago with the two Milwaukee dipshvts on the Hog. You got all syrupy about how NO did it right, sold out to commit to Brees while teams like Miami decided not to roll out the red carpet. SD gave up, Miami was hesitant. Kudos to NO, right? Right on, d-bag. There is absolutely no way you can argue that NO deserves much praise for believing in a guy whose previous team did not believe in him, had never won a thing (much less 3 mvps and a SB), is 5'10" or whatever, and was just coming off a major injury(!!) without FILETING the packers for treating BF like he was just a guy. They wanted him out, Arod in. In the end, you could not be more disingenous.

    Regarding that awful int. on Sunday, youre simply wrong again. Bad throw, no doubt, but not rooted in narcissism. Really, its embarrassing for you and all your little ditto-czabes here how ignorant your analysis is. It was 3rd down from the 39, its a 56 yarder! Longwell told staff his range was 53 yards that day (ask Peter King, i agree with you on this guy by the way, hes a dingleberry, but he has the facts on Longwell's stated range). Bob on that morning show affirmatively says Longwell hits it. WHAT? Hey dingbat, notwithstanding the inherent silliness of that statement, there is a good chance he never even tries a 56 yarder! Longwell says his range is 53, if he misses, the saints get the ball on the 46 with 19 seconds to get about 20 yards for their own 50 yarder. You think the saints cant get 20 yards in 19 seconds? Idiots. Bottom line, mn HAS to try to make a play there. BF didnt make it, no doubt, but to argue he is a narcissist because he didnt have to throw is patently clueless.

    Circling back, you love hating BF simply because deep down you know he is better than any Redskin to ever take the field. You ignore the facts, and any reasoned analysis of them, in favor of making stuff up like BF is disingenous and a liar in an effort to try to repress your own feelings of jealousness. The only one who is disingenuous here is you. But no matter, your vitriol is kinda funny. So to you, Steve, and yet another failed Redskins season, may your jealousness live on. Dovche.

  22. Mr. jgd, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this blog is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Ask Longwell what is "range" is - is like asking any man how far he can drive a golf ball or how big of fish he can catch. Yes he has an idea of how long he can hit it, but is that a hard down automatic result? Hardly. But on the other hand (and only 10 seconds of research will show you that) Longwell's career long came from 55. All you need is your boy BF to lunge and he'll get a yard or two, close to his self-pronounced range. Either way, I am pretty sure he'll try a 56 yard attempt in a dome any day (unless his boss outcoaches them out of a game...). And who the f was talking about the Redskins??
    Thanks for reading and listening to people that are so much dumber than you and that you dislike so much. It provides entertainment for the rest of us.

  23. JGD, you didnt really read Andrew Brandt's article back in October, did you. No way you did and come up w/ the crap you spewed. You should read it again. Randy Moss, the all-time record holder for td's in a season? How many rings does he have? And he had Brady, one of today's best QB's throwing to him and they BOTH didnt get it done. There are no guarantees in football. Some experts claim the Chragers and Cowboys have the most talented players on their teams. They haven't even been close to the SB in the past few years much lees have much success in the playoffs. Brandt agrees w/ Ted's move to go w/ Rogers when the gun was put to his head. Read the article again! It's OK to like, er love, Favre. Just know that he is not, and never was, the whole team. He proves it year after year.

  24. This is to Steve ,
    What a whiny little bitch….
    Stop sucking up to the Packers, you little bitch. What a hypocrite c*** s****R. You used to highly praise Bret Favre during this show. Now, you are acting all against him. “When I see him in Miami, I will be sick to hear all about what Bret favre is a hero”. I hope you get crushed in a car crash down in Miami, you annoying morning little bitch.

  25. ACPPIPE,

    Like I said, the fact that you get all this "righteous anger" going shows where you're coming from, which is a cake full of crazy frosting. It's friggin' football.

    I know your type, the small little man who pees sitting down.....

  26. Im here to entertain.

    To Eric, Im sorry you couldnt understand what I wrote. But dont point the finger at me, blame your derelict parents for your being so dumb.

    To sroeast, I did read both of his articles, that you reference only one makes me question whether you read what he wrote. Anyway, the point was Ted was not going to sign potentially key guys, to the detriment of the team. For confirmation of this, ask the media in Seattle. It is well accepted that the day Ted left, the signings they made with him gone (including Trufant) were the key reasons they made it to the super bowl (a game Seattle gotscrewed in, btw). Google it, you will find stuff on this.

    We all know Ted builds through the draft, but has he learned his lesson. 2010 will be telling. By the way, please dont give me Charles Woodsen and embarrass yourself. If you read the Fall 2008 article in Milwaukee's paper (JS) regarding that signing, you will know that Charles Woodsen was wanted by no one. Woodsen was absolutely floored by that. GB was basically his only option. Ted gets a little credit, but not much. He got lucky.

    Contrast Ron Wolf. Now there is a guy who, though he made mistakes, has the ability to build a true winner.

  27. Yep, that's the Brett we know. Whiner,interception-throwing biotch!