Monday, January 11, 2010

AirTran Has Your Vegas Connection!

Better jump on this one fellas. As you know, we are holding our second annual "Czabe's Field of 64" promotion at the insanely awesome Palazzo (and Venetian) during Sweet 16 Weekend.

Mark your calendars, save your pennies, and get your plans in motion!

Dates are Thu and Fri March 25 and 26, with extended stays available through the weekend.

The rates we have for this resort, are freaking insane! For about $80 per night, per person, you and a buddy can chill in what I think is one of the 3 best hotels on the strip.

Sure, you can slum it in Vegas. I have. But why???

Any place you stay, is gonna cost about $40 a night minimum. So why not just upgrade yourself, and hang with us!

But this is available to the first 64 reservations only, and you MUST book by clicking through the link here on

You've got more flexibility than last year, since you can trim or extend your stay as you wish.

Best of all, we have partnered with AirTran, to help provide some good flights out to Sin City.

Like this flight here, folks! Round trip, non-stop, perfect times, for about $250! Can't be that.

And while you are at it, sign up for a chance at a free airfare from AirTran in our upcoming drawing!

So jump on board, get ready for an awesome time, and if you have any questions, just shoot me an email!



  1. Important people want to know, will Al Galdi be there ???

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