Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, We're Not Done Yet....

If you thought that the humiliation of all things Vikings and Favre was going to be a one-day affair here at, then you are wrong, sir!

When the Football Gods deliver a meal of schadenfreude so juicy and fresh, it is at your own karmic peril that you dare push away from the table.

For starters, here's this from reader Eddie Malek...

10. Blame Jet’s medical staff for loss.
9. Wonder why Childress has not picked him up yet for ride to airport.
8. Pick up “Most Interceptions in Career” award.
7. Release statement that Deanna is actually his sister.
6. Take his brother for a car ride.
5. Tell the “Bi-Queens” he will give them an answer sometime in September.
4. Serve Cocktails on the Madden Bus wearing just a banana hammock.
3. Plan a hot tub party with Chmura.
2. Call Thompson & McCarthy @ 3:00 in the morning drunk to apologize.
1. Doing new TV ads for Vicodin.

And then there's photo-shop jobs making the rounds like this one...

From Wade Wundrock in Milwaukee.....


Interesting tidbit from local sportscast after the NFC Championship game;

If Favre retires, his last pass for Atlanta, Green Bay, NY Jets and Minnesota will all have been an interception.
I thought that was rather ironic.




And finally, as promised, the bullet pointed version of all things Minnesota Viking Misery...

- Four Super Bowl Losses
- Five NFC Championship Game Losses
- Korey Stringer's Death
- 4th and 28 Loss to Arizona on last play of season
- Gary Anderson's ONLY miss of the season, at the worst possible time
- The 41-0 loss to the Giants (when favored)
- Fred Smoot Boat Party
- Mike Tice Scalping Tickets
- Reggie Fowler almost buying the team
- Visanthe Shiancoe's schmeckpepper on TV
- Randy Moss's Ugly Unravelling and Trade
- Two Words: Sean Salisbury
- Two More: Tavarius Jackson

and I'm sure I've forgotten some.

Now you can throw this loss on the burning trash heap of sports misery. Enjoy, Viking fans! Ragnor will now let you cry on his shoulder!


  1. I now see why you say the guys name wrong, it is Tarvaris (TA VAR es)--
    When you get back to national stuff, I want you to be on point about a starting QBs (hope he doesn't get there) name. Ray Vikes fan in DC

  2. Czabe, great listing and that's from a Purple fan. but a little embellishment here with your listing. 41-0 game did NOT have the Vikings as a favorite. They were the 2 seed at # 1 NYG who were the hottest team going. That's the year the Giants ran the table after Fassel's comment, winning their last 5 and 9 of 11. The Vikes, on the other hand, had lost their last 3 regular season games and limped in. Sure, 41-0 was humiliating, especially to Kerry Collins, but the Vikings were most definitely NOT the favorite.

    4th and 28 was really 4th and 24.... splitting hairs cuz it was at the 28 and Cards had no timeouts and clock ran out so it may as well have been. The irony here though is that the Packer fans love to bring that one up, yet that same year, just two weeks later, the Pack allowed a 4th and 26 to Freddie Mitchell with a minute to play which led to a game tying FG and eventual OT loss. And better, the sting of just 4 years earlier should have been fresh in Pack nation minds, giving up a 4th and 23 with 3 seconds left to a little known WR, Terrell Owens. They created a monster that day. Oh, and i believe that was Reggie White and Holmgren's last game. OUCH. So Pack fans, next time you want to bring up Nate Poole and 4th and 24, remember Freddie Mitchell and TO. You were "Nate Poole"'d 2x in 4 seasons!

  3. Can't believe you forgot about Onterrio Smith and the Wizzinator..

  4. The beautiful thing about the last second loss to the Cardinals that Jim O'C forgot to mention was that by losing to the Cardinals, the Vikings missed the playoffs and let the Packers into the playoffs.

    This eventually led to the loss at Philly that never should have gone to 4th and 26 if Sherman had gone for 4th and inches before that.

    Yes. The Pack lost to the 49ers on a last second catch by TO. But, that was a loss that made Vikings fans happy because Green bay lost. That loss didn't let the Vikes into the Playoffs.

    The loss by the Vikes to the Saints brings me immense joy. It may seem like the same as the Packers loss to the Niners, but it's not. It is sooooo not the same. Because I can't recall a Minnesota legend playing for Green Bay and royally screwing up in that NFC Wild Card game.

    In closing...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice throw, #4.

  5. Czabe you've got to get off the Favre hate train. There are so many more deserving items. Noted just from this morning's sports casts on the four letter network and Comcast:
    1.Watch ESPN for 45 minutes and maybe get 1 NHL highlight. NTA (National Thug Association) highlights are bad enough, but World cup cr@p is going to make me snap. Thank god the Winter X games start tonight.

    2.Comcast leads off with lowlights of Wizards game last night?!? WTF!?! For that matter, the Wizards game was on, over the Caps last night. Again, WTF?!?!

    3.Ronnie Thompson interviewing Kobe Bryant or, more appropriately - Mr. Racecard (you forced me out as coach of Ball State University because I'm black, not because I was 9-22 - worst record in school history or the two sets of NCAA rules violations or the "racially charged notes found in [my] office") interviewing Mr. Come-on-your-face-that's-my-thing. UNREAL!?! Again WTF?!?!

    Oh, and to correct Wade, above, that is not irony, that is coincidence. Irony would be if he threw an interception for Minnesota against Green Bay or an interception for Filthadelphia against Green Bay.

  6. his last pass at a Jets was not a interception, that fact was corrected. but it is cool to think that it was. Makes a better story.

  7. Regarding your email from Wade, Favre's last pass with the Jets was a completion.

    1st and 10 at NYJ 1 (Shotgun) B.Favre pass short left to L.Washington to NYJ 5 for 4 yards. Lateral to B.Favre to NYJ 7 for 2 yards. B.Favre pass incomplete short right to J.Cotchery.PENALTY on NYJ-B.Favre, Illegal Forward Pass, 3 yards, enforced at NYJ 7.

  8. Wasn't his last THROW as a Jet an illegal forward pass? Penalty accepted, no attempt credited. His last official ATTEMPT as a Jet was picked. I'm going to do some research into Southern Miss, too. I'm pretty sure he played in a Senior All Star type game and his last play was a fumble.

  9. Ah yes. Didn't see the first pass on the play. Leave it to Burt to throw twice on the same play.

    Better luck next team!

  10. Chris, I didn't "forget to mention" that the Poole catch put the Pack in, it wasn't relevant to the point. I made no comparisons between Saints/Vikings and ANY Packer loss.
    The point was how funny it is that Pack fans love to hammer away about the Poole play, yet they allowed basically the exact same thing a few years earlier and then again 2 weeks after "Poole". So I'll compare "Poole" to those 2 Packer losses all day, as it seems rather ridiculous for their fandom to point this play out continously in taunting the extremely tauntable Vikings, when their team made the exact same mistake more than once!!!

    The real BAD part about the Poole play that never gets talked about was that it was WAY worse than just one last-second miracle play. The Vikes led 17-6 with 2 min to go. Allowed a TD, on side kick, drive, and then the 4th and 24. We're a pretty easy target to go after, I'll grant ya.

  11. To add to Czabe's list...
    -Sammy White's head coming off over and over on NFL films during Super Bowl v. Raiders
    -Daunte Culpepper convincing them HE was the reason they could score, not Randy Moss.
    - Red McCombs
    - Dennis Green takes a knee v. Atl in NFC Champ game with timeouts in his pocket and the highest scoring offense in league history (up to that point).
    - SB IX halftime score of Pitt 2, Minn 0 (on way to 16-6 loss).

    BTW, the 5 NFC Champ game losses "only" ranks them 4th in NFC and 6th overall.

  12. Steve,
    Why are you constantly picking on Favre and the Vikings on B&B show? I know why, so you can gain popularity among Packer fans! Too bad, they already know you are two faced, phony lying bitch. because you rip on them on other shows, Packers' ass wipe. And by the way you are not funny, at all.
    Why don't you pick on your own pathetic sorry ass team? you morning whining little bitch.

  13. Two more words about Minnesota's misery: Herschel Walker.

  14. Czabe,

    Love reading your blog, but the Vikes are hardly the poster-boys for misery. I've been a fan my entire 30-some years, and I don't remember any of the Super Bowls. There's been plenty of heartache, but in my lifetime the Vikes have had more good years than bad. To win a Super Bowl, you need to play well at the right time and get some lucky breaks (i.e. Tyree's catch, Dyson at the 1 yard line, etc). Therefore, I really can't complain about the Vikes track record. Every organization wants to be Pittsburgh, but look at San Diego, Philly, etc -- there's a lot to be frustrated about as a fan. But I'd rather be frustrated and competitive than stuck in the doghouse (Oakland, Cleveland, etc).

    I'm not sure if it's your history with Green Bay that's making you continue to focus on Favre and the Vikes. They had a great year, and so did he, and he was the only reason they were in it against the Saints, even after getting his ankle crushed in a tackle to the legs that was supposed to be penalized by the "Brady leg-hit rule". The fumbles cost the Vikes the game, and their fans, like any good fans, are very disappointed.

    You're a funny guy and great on the radio, but this is making you look bad. Favre is not perfect, but you remind me of a 3rd grader -- with no skin in the game, you're just mocking someone else (and their team) in a "poor winner" type of way. It's not very interesting.

  15. I thought it was only within the state that there were people willing to carry the buckets of purple kool aid for this schmuck. Thanks for the eye opener Czabe, glad to know there are Favre sycophants everywhere.

    Here's the bottom line for all of you people who want to defend him, or tell the rest of us how "great" a season he had. Yeah, he had the best stats of his career with the Vikings. More yards, more TDs (I think) and less interceptions. But tell many rings do you get for that? Refresh my memory...oh that's right YOU GET NONE. So once again, Brett Favre proves just what he is, a great regular season quarterback who will give you everything he's got, and then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He's done it time and time again. All hail Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy for running this interception machine OUT OF MY STATE.

    Oh, and you want to hear the best part, since all of you guys seem to LOVE stats so much, Aaron Rodgers was just as good statistically as Brett Favre this year, and he didn't have anything to prove, that's how good he is NATURALLY. So suck on that Favrenites!!

  16. Favre drives me nuts, but it didn't really totally tick me off until he started waffling about retirement. I overlooked the vicodin and alcohol addiction issues. And he's not the first idiot man to panic when his wife is in chemo therapy and have an affair, allegedly.

    .....please leave already. You look like an old fool.

  17. Didn't the vikes miss out on a draft pick a few years ago when they let their time on the clock expire? I could be totally wrong about this but it comes to mind for some reason.