Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now That's What I Call "Internet Famous!"

You can file this one under: "That's nice, but it won't exactly pay my bills!"

On Monday morning, I was at one point the 5th most searched "thing" on a little website you might have heard of, called um... GOOGLE, MOTHERF***ERS!

Now, sadly, it was because my morning sports radio show had been unceremoniously, and shockingly yanked from over 186 terrestrial affiliates and also XM 142 after 7 years of fun and jackassery.

I tried to warn everybody, but being the holidays, I suppose news travels slow.

Now, would I have liked to surpassed "cisco cotto" (WTF!)? Sure. Maybe next time.

When my web guru Kirk told me about this, I was floored. Google? THE Google?

I'm 5th! Whooo hoooo!

Never mind that I was already "famous" for being a (formerly) nationally syndicated radio host, with a popular local radio show in market #8, and a 13 year stint on the most popular morning radio show in Milwaukee, and a very popular website visited by over 45,000 unique visitors daily.

Nah, never mind all that. I take that for granted.

Google. Fucking, google!


  1. Not that you care, but there's also quite a bit of Twitter chatter if you search keywords Czabe OR Czaban.

  2. Funny you beat out both "Jim Zorn Fired" and "Artie Lange Hospital".

  3. Stephen A. Smith said that Google thing is racist.

  4. Stephen A. Smith said that Google thing is racist.


  5. Give us an address and or person to send comment to...this blows!

    The show was the best. As much as I travel and listen to XM, I'll drive myself into a tree if I have to listen to the ass hats at espn.

    Eagles fan from Saint Simons Island Georgia

  6. what do we have to do to get you back on xm?? This is ridiculous, Steven A Smith, really?? Fox Sports lost a listener!!!

  7. I officially cancelled my XM today since Czabe, Scott and Solly were the only reason I had the damn thing!

    Stephen A. Smith is F'n HORRIBLE! I tried to listen to it Monday morning and it sounded more like soft-core porn than sports talk. That guy is the epitome of douchebaggery!

    First Sciciliano, then Galdi, now this... I hope the dumbass(es) who made this decision gets eaten by a bear...

  8. ...and did I mention that even though Stephen A. is now employed by FSR, he still refers to ESPN as "The Worldwide Leader". I'm sure these dingus execs can't be too happy about that!

  9. Czabe, I'm sure you never realized what a following you have had in Canada as well. You are more than welcome to come and enhance our airwaves anytime. Get back somewhere where your loyal fans don't have to think about wrist slashing due to the crap that pervades morning radio. Listened to SAS for 5 minutes.....are you kidding me!

  10. We can take solace that SAS will probably be taken off the air before the year is out, but that still doesn't get us the Czabe every morning. Is there a contact at FSR we should be directing our daily barrage at?

  11. So, anyone who went to the Google machine that did not know you, they were thinking "OK, who is Steve Czaban (Politician/Athlete/Celebrity)??? And what has he done now (OD'd, sex scandal, standoff/shootout)???

  12. Czabe, you and the boys are missed more than you know in the morning. I couldn't handle SAS and now I'm forced to listen to the local sports dribble in the AM. PLEASE get back on the national airwaves soon! FSR--what a bunch of goons in charge!

  13. We need FSR contact info. This sux. Anybody with FSR info please post

  14. I'm one of those lazy guys who had no idea what was going on until last Monday when I got in my car to come back to work after a long holiday vacation. My laziness further shows in that it took me another week to Google what the hell happened. (What can I say, my commute is fairly short so I just turned off Stephen A. Smith and fired up the iPod.)

    Talk radio has been going downhill steadily for at least a decade. Czabe and team represented - sadly - one of the few remaining bright spots. Once again, I find myself with less reason to fire up the AM band.