Saturday, January 2, 2010


Lately, checking my email has been like shoveling snow in Buffalo.

Your job, is never done.

But for this, I am deeply grateful. Since you guys are just burying me in kind words for the show you once loved, I will try not to let it get to my head.

In they come, 10, 20, or more per hour. Even during odd hours of this past Christmas week. Well written, passionate, personal emails about the show, and what it meant for you as a listener.


Here's a little snapshot of what my collected emails look like. I want to assure everyone, that when you say "I'm sure you'll never read this..." you are WRONG! I read them all.

And it was my plan, to respond to every one. Well, I don't think that's going to happen. Doing the simple math (and let's face it, ANY math for me is NOT simple) if I knocked out 60 emails an hour, that's 10 hours right there. And even though my vacation has been relaxing, I would rather spend that time writing for the blog, improving the site, and producing actual content you guys can still enjoy.

But let me summarize some interesting points that keep coming across in many of your emails.

1. "Thanks." I am humbled that so many of you would "thank" me for just doing my job. The thanks was all mine, folks.

2. "I happened to find you (X years ago) while flipping around..." This reinforces another sad reality of my tenure with the network. Zero promotion. You would think that Fox, might carve out 30 seconds on their football pre-game - that's all I would want, a 30 second on-screen graphic! - which lists their M-F radio show lineup. Nope. Given the insane amount of "company push" those other guys get, no wonder it often felt like a losing battle.

3. "I laughed so hard, I had to pull over..." Humor is a tricky thing. Those who THINK they are funny, most often are not. I always felt the show had it's funny MOMENTS, but I had high standards. Maybe the show was funnier than I realized. I know this, Scotty, Solly and Galdi could all knock it out of the park with their own twisted takes, and that's why they were with me.

4. "You are the only reason I have XM, I am now cancelling XM..." Look, again. I know these are tough economic times. Do what you want. But like I said before, the concept of XM/Sirius is a radio lover's dream, and one that we could only fantasize about 10 years ago. Have faith in the concept, and support the cause, if you can.

5. "Like my dog died..." Okay, not everybody used the dog dying reference, but alot of you said the feeling was like losing a friend - or friends. I get this. You let us join you on your morning rides. We let you in on what most called a "conversation among buddies" you know at the local watering hole. Still, the depth of connection many of you expressed to the show, remains something I treat with the utmost of respect.

6. "Let me know where you end up next, you won't be gone long..." As always, this website is a great place to check in periodically, and I will be updating via the Czabe Fans facebook page. That said, nobody knows what will happen next. So let's just expect things to take a while, and if we're wrong, we'll all be pleasantly surprised.

This will be the last post about, well, what once was. Too much has happened while I was gone, that needs to be teed off on! My preliminary list...

Urban Meyer and his waffling
Mike Leach's idiocy
Gilbert Arenas & his gunplay
Mrs. Bowden sucking face with Bobby
Brandon Marshall (again!)

and on and on!

Gonna be a busy year folks! We're back at it on Monday!


  1. Czabe,

    4 A.M. in Denver is not prime radio listening time but at least I got to hear the show on my way to the gym. Last week they had your replacement on,,,,,,,,

    Whomever decided that S.A.S would be any good at radio must owe him a fvor or be completely deaf.

    At least I can still hear you on B&B on the web every now and then.

  2. Czabe, as a pinko, tree hugging pussy, I loved your show and that's saying something for me. You, Solly and Scott were perfect. I can only hope someone in radio realizes it. You so made the mornings tolerable.Loved your features,wit and total irreverence. Wish you success and a quick return for you and the boys.

    Gary in the "Burgh

  3. You are the man Czabe! Only national sports radio show I ever actually liked. In a format where the hosts are desperate to appeal to everyone.... you talked about what you were actually interested in. The show was based around a personality instead of lame interviewers and callers. And we all grew to look forward to your takes on things.
    Now all I have is Howard Stern in the mornings, and there is no sports on that show. The only solution would be to get 980 to podcast your afternoon show like KLAC 570 did for you Fox show. Then I could listen everyday, albeit while having to endure more Redskins front office drama discussion. Still, that is better than nothing!

  4. I listened to the show at work on the web as I start work at 6AM. I am so bummed that some front office radio executive retard pulled the plug. S.A.S. just sux.

  5. Czabe, the fact that I love(d) both your shows and I'm a Cowboys lifer fan oughta tell you all you need to know. Great insight, awesome humor, unmatched entertainment value. I know you'll emerge from this bigger and better than ever. If Rome could survive "Does Chris Everett gotta choke a byotch" then you'll be fine. And I hope you made Andy put on the spare tire on the 980 van that time when I let the air out in the parking lot of the Springfield Hard Times. Dude it had Skins decals all over, and I couldn't help but go jihad on it....

  6. Losing your show made me wanna bitchslap Ed "Hercules" Hochuli!......again!!! I think it was I who first coined his nickname a few years ago when I sent in a dumb question BUT humor is contagious and thanks to you I kept my humor all day long after listening to you and the crew for those precious 3 morning hours.
    It was my lifeblood and god help my co-workers (those damn Zorons!) if things aren't rectified soon.

  7. Oh yeah, meant to e-mail you about your P90Xness.
    AWESOME work!!! I started from scratch since the holidays left me with few precious minutes to myself but pouring concrete here in high Colorado leaves us on temporary layoff until the spring thaw so I have plenty of time to slip into doubles next month. Thanks for the inspiration, both vocally and physically. Mancrushes always! -'straight' Ken

  8. Czabe thanks for making morning drives bearable! Now my choices are Mike & Mike or Stephen A. Hole.....

  9. Just found out this AM the horrible truth.

    I feel like I just got home with my late-night fast food pick-up, only to find low-fat bean tacos instead of my fajitas: Nooooooooooooooooo!

    I need you back on the air STAT!

    You and the boys had the smartest show on the radio dial. How am I supposed to survive without my David Stern interviews? Loved how y'all managed to capture the essence of true sports fans, rather than the mindless corporate shills and ego monkeys that is the standard fare of sports talk.

    Best wishes for a happy landing.

    Clem in SA

  10. I think we live in Bizzaro world where decisions are being made that make absolutely no sense. Are the powers that run Fox really this stupid? A year ago it was Big Ben, Karen Kaye et al. I wasn't crushed by that decision except I found what they did palatable. I always wondered what I would feel if Czabe was no longer there at 5 am. I'm not liking the feeling.
    I deliver papers each morning and I always told people that what I did was a great gig. I get paid to listen to the radio. Oh I toss a paper out the window a few hundred times at the same time. Now I don't feel the gig is as good. I hope you're back on soon, but feel that if it happens, it probably won't be at the same early morning timeslot that you so despised.

  11. The day talk radio on Fox died!! S.A.S are you kidding me. Everything with this guy is about the color of his skin. Someone needs to tell him the 60's are over. The President is black get over yourself. Mike & Mike here I come.

  12. It was like a bad dream when I heard "the other guy" in your spot. Like Rob above said, I heard SAS twice for less than a minute each day and all I heard was race comments. Czabe, you and the guys are AUsome (Auburn grad) and I will be listening to you guys anyway I can in the future.

  13. Ditto what someone said about XM, you were the only reason I kept it as long as I did.

  14. I now offically have NO earthly reason to listen to FSR ever again. Your show was it Czabe.
    FSR...are you kidding me!?!? Stephen A. Smith!?!? Memo to Stephen A: Just because you can scream a point of view doesn't mean you're right...he almost makes Colin Cowherd seem pleasant...and I swore I would never listen to Colin after his Sean Taylor comments (and I haven't). quote the late Charlton Heston from 1994 in "True Lies", "Well you really screwed the pooch on this one."
    Mike & just got another listener.

  15. Like many other posters, I gave Steven A. Smiff (that's how he pronounces his name, so that's how I'll spell it) a chance but I could only take a few minutes of him and what's her name.

    Between Smiff's ebonics, Mike and Mike's brewing sexual tension, and Jim Rome repeating his "takes" 37 times in one segment - not to mention his callers sounding like third graders while they try to READ their own takes (T-t-today Junior!!!) or trying to sing their takes as if they were on American A-Hole - I have no idea what to listen to in the mornings or afternoons anymore.

    To paraphrase Flick from A Christmas Story when he got stuck to the flag pole, "COME BACK, CZABE! COME BACK!"

    Malcolm in Corpus Christi

  16. What a great show, witty, intelligent and fun. The Steve Czaban show was the best thing on radio since Keily and Booms. I will miss it!!!

  17. Czabe... Tell me this SAS show is just a fill-in until you finish your Tiger consultation! My drive just turned into channel surfing on XM Radio. Sucks!

  18. I am in sales and spend alot of time in the car. Over the holidays I figured you spending time with your family using those last vacation days that you could not carry over into 2010! Man did I get hit like a ton of bricks when I read your post regarding your contract not being renewed. WTFFFFFF!!!
    On weeks that I commute (about 1.5 hrs.) into my territory I would make sure that I left the house around 6:30 ensuring that I could catch your show. That same ride seems like it has taken 3 hours this week!! I would even listen to the repeat show from 12-3, laughing just as hard at the one liners and jokes that I had heard that same morning. Guess I need to get a life! I would even download the podcasts and listen to them at the gym. Might sound like a bit much, but I really enjoyed your takes, your back and fourth with the fellas and your guests. Your show just really clicked with what I like in sports talk radio. I still feel so confused when i get into my car in the mornings! SAS, cant even stand his voice or the fact that you have to speak ebonics just to listen to his crap. Channel 142 has been removed from my preset! GL Czabe and the crew! I look forward to your podcasts in the near future!!

  19. Deleting Fox from my XM presets

  20. Who made that stupid f***ing decision? Congress? to be contrary to what the people want? SAS gets old in about 1 minute - very little entertainment value. Yours was the best sports radio show - ever; thanks to you and your colleagues. Was Fox looking for a major downgrade OR did Al Sharpton have a gun to their head?

  21. I tried listening to SAS the last two days, he and his sidekick are so incredibly bad it made me cringe in embarassment for them. That experiment is over for me, I'll have to try local news on my drive to work since the only other option is Golic s-s-s-stuttering every other w-w-w-word. Good luck Czabe and team, hope to hear you again soon.

    Dave in San Antonio

  22. This whole thing sucks! When they took Sheeman off the air for that huge egomaniacal boor Dan Patrick, they drove me to find Glenn Beck! At least I still had my sports with Czabe & Company! Now they have that awful ESPN reject & his Bimbo! I actually listened to the bastard call it the Czaban show while he was supposedly subbing. Then on Monday when I heard him call it HIS show, I almost Puked! UGH! I've been calling the local station every day telling them how bad it was! (They didn't sound too happy about it either) Get on somewhere soon! Maybe you and Sheeman on another network! How about your own channel on Sirius??

  23. WOW! Sorry to see you go Czabe. FSR are idiots. Even worse is your replacement. Talk about polar opposites.

    I agree with the last post. If Martha Stewart can have her own XM channel why not Czabe Radio? Regardless, I look forward to hearing your humor/advice/bs/analysis again real soon.

  24. Man, I was away for 3 weeks and drove into work this morning ... and was devastated. Worse than someone peeing in my egg nog.

    Let's hoep you get a new show ... and soon! Loved the other guys on the show too.

  25. Czabe & Company
    Miss you guys. Couldn't believe Fox decided to put SAS in for you guys. I keep checking the channel to see if he was a fill-in. Nope, he is the regular. I don't listen to Fox anymore in morning slot. Not worth it. Good luck in future. Good things happen to good people. Hope you get picked up again soon.