Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Long, "St. Pete"

Well, that was fun.

The decade of dominance at Southern Cal, while immensely entertaining to watch on TV, is about to experience a Lehman Brothers-like collapse.

Their current recruiting class in tatters, with NCAA investigators closing in with sanctions, Pete Carroll - the smiling, gentle, classy, go-into-the-ghetto-to-help-at-risk-kids - has pulled the rip-cord on his golden parachute.

Must be nice. For him.

For student athletes who can't as much talk to Deion Sanders about the NFL without losing their entire college career, their deal isn't so sweet. USC players helped put millions in Carroll's bank account while in LA, not to mention the millions more he has now extracted from fan-boy owner Paul Allen.

I wonder if he even had the guts to stand up in front of the team to say "Hey, thanks! I'll write when I get to Seattle. Love ya!"

This doesn't make Pete Carroll any worse than any other major college coach these days - grid or hoops - it just makes him the John Calipari of the gridiron. He's proven that if you push the envelope on recruiting, win big, and get out before the house burns down, life is good.

I just resented Pete's media sainthood the last 10 years. The uncritical eye from TV pundits. The feature stories showing him in the inner city. The "we are family" vibe on the running back who dropped the weight bar on his neck and almost died. The latest tear jerker angle on the blind kid.

Enough already.

Pete knew how to get the studs. He looked the other way when convenient. Won a lot of games. Looked great on TV.

But it's over, people. Go home.


  1. I sure miss listening to this kind of insightful thinking on FSR in the morning.

    In fact, I can't even listen to the new crap show on in the morning.

    Thanks for nothing FSR. I feel like one of Pete's left behind students.

  2. Hey Czabe,
    How goes the P90X? If yer runnin smak @ that mythical Manhattan Beach Taco Hell (yes the chicks there are that hot on the weekends) does that mean yer back on the fast food?

  3. hahaha yeah Pete Carrol made a mistake...Seattle is not a destination spot in the NFL...AZ, San Fran are just better teams.

    Insight is missed on the morning drive now...we have Screamin A Smith or Same and Samer...wow...lame..

  4. I am a Dolphins fan, so I just remember Pete with the Patriots and it wasn't pretty. I can't believe he's coming back to the NFL, honestly.

  5. I hate everything about the NCAA. Not the sports. The organization. No Football playoffs. Stupid recruiting rules.

    Why is it wrong to pay an athlete who's bringing in millions of dollars for the school? Why is giving them a free $25,000/yr education OK, but giving them $100/week in spending money considered horrible?

    If Pete screwed USC and the NCAA by making a ton of money for them, then good for him. They both deserve to be screwed.

  6. I'm getting more and more comfortable with underclassmen bolting for the NFL. The new ideology in the fieldhouse is going to bury what is left of any semblanc of honor and integrity that is left in D-1 football. Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron is the latest example of exploiting high school kids for personal attainment.

  7. Well, at least when the NCAA hammer drops, it will drop on Lane Kiffin's head now.