Friday, January 22, 2010

Smokin' Aces

Allow me to make an obvious, although sort of stupid statement: "Is anybody aware of the fact that the New Orleans Freaking Saints are poised to make the Super Bowl?"

Perhaps it was just me, but I sensed this week a bit of collective sleeping by us in the media about how monumental this would be.

The franchise that INVENTED the bag-over-the-head-in-shame move in sports, is favored to go to the Super Bowl!

This franchise has been plagued in almost biblical fashion over the years. If not hurricane induced flooding and refugees in their stadium for weeks, then it was man made disasters like Danny Wuerrfel at quarterback or Mike Ditka trading his entire basket of draft picks for a reclusive Ricky Williams.

Nothing against the Vikings and their (almost as suffering) fans. But I'm rooting for the Bag Heads here.

Reggie Bush probably won't have the same kind of nuclear game as last week, but I am excited at the thought of him and Percy Harvin on the same fast track in the same game.

As for Favre and Brees, I hate the former and love the latter. But I can at least admit that #4 has played phenomenal football this year. He stuck it up my ass real good. I figured there was no way he a) would last a whole season un-injured and b) keep the picks under 20, much less 10!

He'd be insane to retire after this season, even if they win it all.

I'm not even sure he'll string the Vikings out this off-season either. It's too perfect of a fit.

In the AFC, I'll just be blunt: no fucking way I can stomach listening to Mark Sanchez for a whole week at the Super Bowl. So Peyton is just gonna have to git-r-dun here.

When you think about it, what are the purely statistical chances of Manning getting beat by a rookie QB - at home - in a stakes game this high? Especially when Manning has had a chance to see this defense once already this year, albeit for a little more than a half of play?

No rookie QB has ever started a Super Bowl, while Big Ben and Dan Marino are the only 2nd year guys to do it.

I have tremendous respect for the way Rex Ryan has his defense tuned up and set to "Seek and Destroy." And I know that if you can run and stop the run, you can be in just about any game.

But this is where closers, close. Peyton and the boys are gonna say: "We let you in this thing, and now we're going to let you out."

As for the schedule Sunday, I must admit I'm not a fan of the late skewing 3 and 6:40 starts. While I think that works great for us married dudes with families on the previous two Saturdays - those being the "honey do" days - I think it's un-necessary on this most glorious Sunday.

I'd love to invite some fellas over for the games, but that late game is gonna wrap at 10 p.m. minimum. Knowing how fellas like to get a little tuned up on Leinie's when they are over at the 5-hour dome, that could make for a rough Monday.

Let's push these back to 1 and 4:30, or better yet, 12:30 and 4 and give us a chance to cool down the BAC jets on our way to a crappy two week wait until the Big One itself.



  2. shocking; you're going against favre. he'll put it up your ass again, donkey. vikes by 7.

  3. He is still Bert Favor to me regardless of how he plays. Bret Favre retired 2 years ago.

  4. Lock it up czabe...Bret Favre remembers he is Bret Favre and these are the playoffs. He throws 2 going to ball hawk darren "the real bob sanders" sharper and the "Not so 'Aints" roll. Beep...beep...beep. Thats right. Thats the sound of the truck backing up to dump a stack of bills. Empty the savings account, college funds, private stash in the top dresser drawer. Give the points and make it rain after the game...lock it up.

  5. Didn't some guy by the name of Brady win a Super Bowl in his second year way back in 2001?

  6. Even now, GB fans will not let it go. But it's really the dread of realization that both Favre AND the Vikings are going to get a SB championship. You can thank Teddy and No Neck for that, ladies and gentlemen. I love the Packers, but I'm not an idiot.

    Vikings 34, Saints 20

  7. I like the Vikes and Jets.

    The Colts won't be able to run and Peyton has trouble when under constant pressure. Not sure how the Jets will score, but somehow they'll win 17-14.

  8. How ironic would it be to have the Jets knock off the Colts? Colts could have essentially eliminated the Jets from playoff contention had they not mailed it in during the regular season. So....nothing to gain or lose so sit the starters? Think again.

  9. I remember calling them the Ain'ts all through the 90's. What a change!

  10. Yeah, Czabe! Don't forget about Tom Brady on that '2nd year' QB list.

    A "Favre vs Manning" Super Bowl will be more than I can handle. That will be a two week long love-fest that I hope does not come to fruition!!

  11. HAHA! seeing the picture of the four QBs side by side like that makes me think of that old song I saw on Sesame Street as a kid ....... "three of these kids belong together, three of these kids are kinda the same, but one of these kids is doing his own thing, now it's time to play our game .... it's time to play our game."

  12. Czabe, please find a way to get back on the air in NOLA! I'm dying without morning and afternnon drives to drop off and pick up the kids and taxi them around is unbearable without you. BTW you have an incredibly sexy voice (yes, I'm a girl :) ) And now for my pick...
    SAINTS 38 VIKINGS 17 Geaux Saints!!

  13. I'm smelling a 2007 NFC Championship game repeat by Favre. He'll be impressive, it will be close, but New Orleans will pull it off and Brett will watch his last chance at a Superbowl disappear.

  14. Remember When...we were trying to figure out how many NFL teams Favre could start for? Didnt 10-15 seem like a reasonable answer way back in August? I'm pulling Saints, but Favre's been amazing.

  15. When will you people give Manning and the Colts their due? They are the beat TEAM in the league. They beat the teams that run well. They beat the teams that stop the run well. They beat the teams that pass well. They beat the teams that stop the pass well. They beat everyone they wanted to beat. What more does Manning have to do for you people?


  16. Agreed Trevor... Peyton leads the drive, and a solid Colts defence helps a awesome Colts offence to a slow win... Sorry Brett, congrats Brees... And I hope that the NFC Champs realize while they celebrate, Manning is already neck deep in poloroids and film.... I hope it's a good Super Bowl, ending in a Blue Horse win... As for that fat fuck Rex Ryan... Next time shut your fuckin' mouth and coach... Dick!!!

  17. Forget your bookie call your stockbroker buy buy buy kimberly clark (kleenex) Visor (vicadin) Bert Fart will need shitloads of both. there will be shortages long lines and huge profits to be made. Also dont forget the lube to get the annoncers heads out of Bert Farts ASS AND LIPS OFF HIS COCK ps dont forget to show his poor millionaire wife

  18. Well, I don't have Czabe on the drive in anymore, but I have the blog and reader comments. At least it's something