Thursday, February 14, 2013

And This Guy Is A Professor. Yes, A Professor.

He's like Django! It's kind of exciting.

Too bad Django Dorner didn't kill one of this guy's family members. The "excitement" would have been just too much for him to contain!


  1. If "Ignorance is Bliss", that is one HAPPY professor.

  2. This is the thought process behind many Obama voters. They don't care about the facts, the harm, etc. They want "revenge." The random chaos, corruption and destruction of what is left of the economy is the goal. They cheer the mass killing because it is an opportunity for a "conversation" about their issues. Plus it has the added bonus of sticking it to whitey. This is the mindset even among many white people.

  3. I would love to hear the candid thought of our "post-racial President" on Dorner. Was an injustice done? Was he a victim of The Man? What say you, Mr. Obama?

  4. What a piece of trash. He should explain his excitement and enthusiasm to the families of the people Dorner murdered.

  5. We can cross Columbia off the potential college choices for the boys...

  6. I don't consider that man a real "professor." He owes his job to affirmative action and he knows it. His words are those of a man who knows how he got his job. He owes his career to people like Dorner, not to people like Dorner's victims.

  7. think he makes that comment if Dorner is a white man?

  8. Read up on it. To say nothing of Dorner but the LAPD was way out of line on this one. Make no mistake about it - if YOU happened to get in the line of fire somehow you would have been taken out. They were DESPERATE to have this guy killed at all costs which leads one to believe he had some serious dirty laundry on them.
    A third person was reportedly shot at because police believed he was suspected cop killer and fugitive Christopher Dorner.

    David Perdue was on his way to catch some waves on Thursday morning when, according to his lawyer, a Torrance, Calif. police cruiser "slammed into his pickup and officers opened fire," reports the Los Angeles Times.

    The bullets missed Perdue, but his attorney, Robert Sheahen, said his client suffered a concussion and hurt his shoulder, making it temporarily impossible for him to work at his job as a baggage handler at LAX. Perdue's car was also totaled, Sheahen told the Times.

    The Torrance Police Department said the incident was a case of mistaken identity. Officers thought Perdue's truck was Dorner's pickup.

    The department issued this statement to the Times:

    "The circumstances of the incident known to the responding officers would have led a reasonable officer under normal circumstances -- and these were far from normal circumstances -- to believe that fellow officers were being shot at and that the vehicle traveling toward them posed a serious risk.
    "In the split seconds available to them," the statement continued, "action was appropriate to intervene and stop the actions of the driver of that vehicle."

    Sheahen told the Los Angeles Daily News that the officers' actions were "violent and reckless."

    The paper notes that "Perdue is a thin white man who looks nothing like Dorner" who is black and heavier set.

    "In light of the officer's attempt to kill Mr. Perdue Mr. and Mrs. Perdue would like to know what, if any, disciplinary action the Torrance Police Department intends to take against the officers involved," Sheahen said in a letter sent to the department and obtained by the Daily News. "They would also like to know what the (department) intends to do to make sure that their community is not endangered like this in the future."

    The incident is still under investigation, according to the Times.

    The shooting is the second case of mistaken identity associated with the search for Dorner.

    Also on Thursday, two women were shot at by Los Angeles Police officers because their truck was mistaken for Dorner's. At the time, there was a report that Dorner had been spotted in the neighborhood.

    KPCC reported on Sunday that the two women were released from the hospital, according to their attorney.

    Dorner's actual truck was discovered "deserted and in flames" on the side of Bear Mountain, Calif. on Thursday, according to ABC News.

    Authorities have offered a $1 million reward for information that leads to the arrest of Dorner, a former LAPD cop and Navy reservist accused of killing three people.

  9. By that same logic, Boss Hogg, I guess Jared Loughner had some "serious dirty laundry" on Gabby Giffords. Let's investigate Gabby Giffords! And that guy in Newtown had some serious dirty laundry on someone. That's why they took him out and called it a suicide. All those kids just got in the way. Same with the guy in the Aurora, CO theatre.

    You can justify any atrocity with that kind of talk. Anything to distract attention from the fact that one guy went on a killing spree and the Obama voters cheered him on.

  10. Prof. Hill is an extreme progressive liberal. He is a racist. He is a socialist. He has defended people like Dorner many times in the past. He is often on O'Reilly. Not sure why, other than to make the host look good, which is the role of any good guest.

  11. And, no, do not send your kids to Columbia for any reason. It is an indoctrination institution of the worst kind. Thinking of a good private college? Try Hillsdale. They refuse any and all Federal money. Feds, can't tell them what to do. They actually have required courses in studying the Declaration of Independance and the U.S. Constitution and also study the Bible as a historical piece.
    Columbia's library doesn't even have any books. Their own "brilliant" engineers failed to account for the weight of the books when building the library. So, they had to start over and build a new library. They even explain this on a typical college tour at Columbia.

  12. Or, is Professor Hill a smart guy who knows how to earn his appearance check on CNN? Come on, folks, you rasslin' fans should oughta know a work when you see it :-)

  13. "Radio Guy" - I have no doubt that professor Hill knows how to earn his appearance check on CNN. But that implies that CNN is a white-people-hating, cop-hating, America-hating, agenda driven organization. If that is what it takes to earn an appearance fee on CNN, then we owe CNN no more credence than the people of Iraq owed to Baghdad Bob or the people of Nazi Germany owed to Goebbels.

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