Friday, February 15, 2013

Here's Why That Meteor Was Caught On A Russian Dash Cam

Now, how in the F*** is there not an American TV show called "Boris Drives to Work" featuring all the whacked out shit that happens on a typical Russkie commute!?

Hollywood... get on it!


And here's the two best Russian meteor videos, you lazy, non-googling slackers.


  1. I saw a meteor live about 12 years ago. I was walking in a park in Columbia, MD when I heard a loud boom and saw a giant fireball streaking across the sky. It looked like it crashed just across the lake, but when I got home and turned on the news they said that it crashed in PA. Once in a lifetime experience. Wish they had cell phone video cameras back then.

  2. Russian drivers and dash cams. Uh, er, um, ah, was that an Al Jazeera clip Czabe?