Friday, February 1, 2013

Snicky: Nicole Zaloumis

If you don't know her already, get with it people.

The NFL's TV morning show is... eh... I suppose. A few too many taking heads, and none of them particularly compelling, but I appreciate that they are out there trying to offer us something - anything - other than the usual Bristol-fed predictable television gruel.

The front-woman, Ms. Zaloumis, appears a bit too "serious" on the show for my likes. But I understand what she fights in the business as a tendency by viewers to "ditz-i-fy" any good looking woman on a sports show.

So it was nice to see her do some "Dancing With the Guests" this week... and BAM! Are you kidding me? Nicole just isn't skinny, she's a wonderfully muscular hardbody!

You go, girl. Well... done.


  1. damn haven't seen her yet!
    that body is bangin'!!

  2. Great body, but her face looks wierd to me at times. That being said, I would marry her tommorrow if whe would have me.

  3. TOO skinny and the side profile of her face is not good at all. I'd do her for a night but that'd be it.