Monday, February 25, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Sarah Shahi

There's likely no reason whatsoever to go see the new Sly Stallone flick "Bullet to the Head" unless you just want to see one of the top-100 box office "bombs" of all time.

Currently, it's #92, having opened to a paltry $4.5 million, which was worse than Kazaam.

Need I say more?

But wait.... whoa, who is this chick in the tattoos (fake)?

Say hello to Sarah Shahi, a delectable mix of Iranian-Spanish parents, who grew up in good ol' Texas.

She's been a few things so far, and while the white trash tatt-girl look here is not her best, just google up some other pics to see her looking even more smokin' hot.

Can she act? Hell if I know. Do I care?


  1. She can act. Was the female lead in the far too short lived series "Life" and was terrific.

  2. Life was a great show with her and Damian Lewis. She played a no nonsense by the book detective with a bit of a drinking problem. She then did a completely different girly-girl on Fairly Legal for a couple seasons and that was cancelled. She's on Chicago Fire or something now but only as a girlfriend. Underrated. Good snickie catch.

  3. She also showed off another talent in Old School.

  4. She was great in a later episode of the Sopranos. It was the one where Tony goes to Vegas, breaks the news to her about Christophers death, and they watch the sun go down while tripping on acid.

  5. Also was on the most recent episode of Person Of Interest playing a government sanctioned killer of terrorists and assorted bad characters.

  6. She's a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

  7. She is an amazing actress and has been around for awhile... Reba, Psych and her own show Fairly Legal (which they
    and I'm female :)