Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Some Names That Will Crush Your Spellcheck Software

Our genuine best wishes to one Nerlins Noel after he trashed his knee playing hoops in the NBA's green room trying to win another championship for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Not only is the lone good "high top fade" now on the shelf for quite a while (maybe forever!) we'll just miss saying the buttery smooth name "Nerlins Noel."

At least we have Jadaveon Clowney as the OTHER bad-ass college sports name that is currently injured.

If you watch the above clip, you can compile you fictional favorites. Mine?

Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace
Jackmerius Tacktheritrix
J'Dinkalage Morgoone

A nice bit, but goes on about 2 minutes too long, and they could have paid for more than just 3 actors.


  1. Every single name is better than the previous. I haven't watched it much, but this show is pretty underrated. Very funny.
    Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar