Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rest In Peace, Oh Mighty Kegasus

The greatest BAD mascot in the history of sports, has gone to neverworld.

Kegasus: 2011-2013. RIP.

Invented as a way to lure back drunken 20-somethings to a muddy, filthy, infield-of-iniquity, ol' Kegasus' commandment to "Be Legendary" did not manage to move the needle on attendance.
"Legendariness includes being conscious, remembering what one has done and exercising what each and every human being and animal in instilled with, which is common sense," Kegasus said this week in the grassy infield at Pimlico. 
His costume has wheels on the hind legs. They didn't roll on grass, so he had to drag his ample hind quarters along. "If I may say so, baby got back," he said.
Still, such an awful concept, now IS indeed, "legendary."

We shall never forget you, Kegasus.

We shall also never forget this video clip of the Porta-Potty-Suicide-Run.

Talk about legendary!

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