Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poll: Favre Thaw?

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  1. I don't like all forms of purple. So yes I'm still bitter.

  2. Also still bitter, but would love another chance to boo him in person. So on second thought bring him back.

  3. this happens so much in pro sports I just don't understand the psychology. never been at the level, obviously so bring him back. i'm cool with it.

  4. dude did it all. then his team wanted him gone (they had their good reasons). wouldn't you be a little bitter, too, if someone shows you the door....and then doesn't let you work for the company (vikings) that you want to?
    there is no loyalty by teams. why should players be loyal?

  5. mblosik, I'm calling a complete BS on that one! Favre was given EVERY opportunity to continue playing with the team, and HE pissed all over it. They sent a private jet down to Miss as late as MAY to pick him up and fly him to GB to sign him, and HE refused to get on it. HE is the one who kept flip-flopping on retiring, all the Packers did was hold him to his word. You can't run a team where your star QB can't decide if he wants to play or not, and will only play if he can skip training camp.

    I'm sorry, Brent made his bed, now he can sleep in it. If he was that concerned about being accepted by Packer fans, who had NOTHING to do with his relationship with the team, then he should have thought of that before he shat all over them by doing whatever he could to play for the Viqueens. If he wants to be accepted, he's the one who has to repair the damage his douchebaggery caused with the fans, not the other way around.

  6. OldHollander--
    um he was under contract already. they flew down there to talk; not to sign him. i forgot that you were on the plane and know all the details of that meeting. he may have refused to get on due to what they presented him with. like; maybe--"hey brett, we'd like to have you back and all, but it's going to be as a backup."
    none of us know, even you, Kreskin.

  7. It all seems a bit silly. The Packers drafted (wisely) Rodgers. They let him idle on the bench for a bit, but ultimately needed to play him. Favre still had something left in the tank and had hurt feelings about being pushed out. Was all of this handled in the best possible manner by both sides? Probably not, but it's time to move on.

  8. I agree with mblosik to a point. Yes, Brent still had something in the tank, but as you also pointed out, he was still under contract. If GB (for all intensive purposes GB=Ted Thompson) wanted to move forward and develop the QB of the future, then they had the right to get something in return for Faver, and it was a wise move on GB's part to ship him to the Jets. It was a backhanded, under the table move that the Jets pulled to get Brent to Minnesota. And the only reason he wanted to play for Minnesota was so he could stick it to GB, and he has said as much.

    It was much like what happened with Joe Montana in SF. Do you think Montana was happy ending his career in KC? I'd say no, but he did it. If Brent had just kept his mouth shut and played, I don't think the fans here would still hold him in such contempt. But as always, Brent is an attention whore and felt the need to run his yap.

    I would like to get him back in the fold, and as we get farther out from "the incident", I think fans will be more and more forgiving. But there won't be any reconciliation between Faver and the organization until Thompson is no longer with the team. I think there is too much bad blood between the two, and for Faver to come back would be admitting that Thompson was right to move forward with Rodgers. And Thompson would never admit that he did anything wrong trying to put the best possible team out on the field. I have a theory behind what happened between the two, no evidence, just a thought (because mblosik would like me to be on the plane in order to have an opinion) but it is too long to get into here in the comment section of Czabe's site.

  9. Mootay--you don't have to be in the plane or at the meeting to posit a theory. OldHollondaise Sauce presented it as fact that he knew what happened. Big difference.

    Had there been such penetrating media when Montana/SF/KC had happened, you would have heard Saint Joe b***hing about it, too.

    Agree totally with your last paragraph. well said.

  10. "Brent" people? Really????? Brent???
    and No, Favre was NOT given every opportunity to continue playing on the team. Thompson said he would have to compete for his job. That's a huge difference.
    Jets were just being opportunistic. they had no vested interest in BRETT being a Viking, so they did nothing underhanded in that regard. They know BRETT would be available for a year and they jumped at the chance.

  11. You just completely contradicted yourself. How can you say he wasn't given the opportunity to play and then say he would have had to compete for the job. Competing for the starter's spot IS an opportunity. If he was the better QB then he wouldn't have had to worry. But he wanted the position given to him. THAT is the difference.

    As far as the Jets go, after the 2009 season they had still had Faver under contract for another year. If Faver was going to retire, there was no need to release him, because Faver would have just quietly gone away. If he wasn't going to retire, then the Jets still owned his rights, and if the Jets didn't want him on the roster but felt he was still worth something, a competent GM would have tried to work a trade to improve the team. If they had worked a trade to move him to Minnesota (Faver's preferred team) the Jets would have had to surrender compensatory draft picks to Green Bay. Instead, the Jets outright released him, allowing him to sign with any team he wanted.

    I think that means one of two things. First, the Jets organization is inept and the GM is an idiot for not trying to get something for Faver. The other option is that some sort of an agreement was reached, off the record of course, to outright release Faver so he could sign with Minnesota, and the Jets would not lose any of their draft choices. Based on the Jets' performance I would lean toward the former, but I would rule out the latter.

    The question remains as to whether Faver and GB will kiss and make up before he goes into Canton. I don't think it will happen, because Thompson isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and I don't think Faver will ever reconcile while Thompson still has an office at 1265.

    What I do think he could do as a final F-You to Thompson would be to enter Canton as a Viking instead of a Packer. That is about all he has left if he still wants to "stick it to Ted". But doing that would forever cement him as an outsider in Green Bay. It's a very small chance, but he is vindictive enough that I wouldn't put it past him.

  12. Thats right Mblosik, because he who calls the most names is right, right? Give it up already. Need I remind you it was Brent who was crying his eyes out at his "retirement" (ahem..) press conference? Then and there, he said in front of God and everybody, that he was NOT coming back to the Packers to play the next season. Period. When the dongslinger couldn't even make it to May before he was getting restless to play, the Packers sent a Jet down to get him, he refused. Ok, maybe "Sign" was a bad word, but the rest of it was correct, and well reported in the news. Didn't really need to be on the plane, he never set foot on it, plus there were SEVERAL news agencies around when everything went down. I guess my memory isn't as clouded with Farve Fanboy smoke as yours.

    Besides, the issue is reconciling with the fans, not the organization. Favre hated Thompson, and thereby the organization. His mistake was that in trying to stick it to Thompson, he pissed all over his legacy with the fans. I don't think anyone is expecting for a tearful on stage reunion with Favre and Thompson, but if Brent wants to be accepted by a good chunk of the fan base, HE has to make the first move.

  13. "Brent. dongslinger. Farve Fanboy" > OldHollandaise. I made a play on one word and then was accused of calling you the most names. there are two sides to this story. if Rodgers agreed to do the skit, there is not as much animosity as you think. favre wanted to keep playing.

    he changed his mind. David probably changed his mind after boinking Bathsheba and getting her husband killed, too. yet, you hold Favre to the impossible standard of "you can't ever come back. you said...123 no changebacks/changes.

  14. I have yet to call YOU a name, you, even in the last post where you were defending yourself for doing so, did it again.

    Secondly, FAVRE RETIRED. AGAIN. Sat weeping in front of the national media, saying he had NOTHING left to give. He kept saying over, and over that he did NOT want to keep playing. The team finally, after 5 years of "will he or wont he" drama, took him at his word that he actually retired from Professional Tackle Football.

    But, after all of that narcissistic self aggrandizing, he was STILL given a chance to come back! You keep insisting he wasn't given a chance, and that is complete crap! He was given SEVERAL, and most were very public!

    Impossible standard? 123 no take backs? Give me a break! Look, clearly you are in fact a Favre fan, and even though I'm not I don't hold that against you. But being a fan does not allow you to ignore facts, and rewrite history to suit your opinion.

  15. He needs to apologize for being a butt-head. He can't throw the fans under the bus in his effort to hurt Thompson, and expect us all to smile and enjoy it. Bitter. He can stay in MS.