Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Saw Your Boobs!

Since Jimmy Johnson winning another damn NASCAR race and Matt Kuchar another million dollar PGA Tour event doesn't excite even their own accountants.... let's talk Oscars for a hot second.


Seth Macfarlane is wicked awesome talented (as Peter Griffin would say) and when he mates that evil genius to his equally nimble musical prowess to write stupid little "ditty" songs like the one to open the Oscars tonite,  it is... pure.. gold!

In case you missed it... here goes.... (listen before the Oscar stormtroopers have it pulled from my soundcloud feed!)....

And damn if he's not right. Kate Winslet just loves to let the "girls" out for us to see. You go, girl.

It was also great to see Macfarlane throw some comedic haymakers. Like this...

Just be glad Hollywood stuffed shirts, that was Macfarlane set on about "7" on a scale of 1-10 of purely, insanely, awesomely offensive!


  1. The crowd shots of the actresses during that song were awesome. I think Jennifer Lawrence was the only one smiling.

  2. Those clips were funny, but they were older clips that were edited in. the shots of the actresses in the crowd were not live.
    this was obvious because they were all wearing completely different outfits, and Charlize came out on stage about 30 seconds later for her dance with channing tatum.

    It was a nice touch though and was hilarious.