Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here are our Top Prime Time Prognosticators’ Predictions:

Mark Benz       SF 23   BAL 17 DaveBertsch     SF 20 BAL 17 Randy Dean SF 22   BAL 30 Scott Heian SF 24   BAL  27 MikeHoffman     SF 14 BAL 24 Daryl Wenzl        SF 24   BAL 17

Czabe’s Super Scoring Criteria: If no one picks the exact score.  The winner will be determined from the following criteria: A. The players who at least picked the right winner, and the player that came closest to the winners score without going over, if there is a tie, B. The next tiebreaker is the player getting closest to the losers score without going over, if we are still tied, C. The final tie breaker is a coin flip. Good Luck Prime Time Prognosticators, but remember just like in Highland... There can be only 1...

King of PrimeTime

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  1. Czabe,

    PLEASE talk/write about the the Dick Bavetta-like officiating last night. That "no call" on OBVIOUS holding in the end zone on Crabtree stinks to high heaven. Natch, the 4-letter called it a "decisive defensive play" instead of what it was: an obvious attempt to massage the outcome of the game.