Friday, February 15, 2013

Poll: All-Star Weekend Spice

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  1. May I suggest "NBA baby mammas against NBA deadbeat dads?"

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  3. All I can say is that the NBA side events used to be must-watch, now they're an after-thought. When they had to add women I knew end was near. The 3 pt and Slam Dunk used to be a highlight of my year watching basketball. Now the playaz are too cool to participate. Fuck 'em. Who wouldn't want to see LBJ in slam dunk event? Johnson, Smith for ATL; Blake from Clippers, Wade? Are you kidding me? The no-names that league trots out each year are o.k. but stars make this league. Name-players need to be in events or drop the w/e and blame the participants for its demise. Can't carnival-lize the w/e much more the way it's going. It's dying / will die.