Monday, February 4, 2013

"What's Your Deal?"

So I find this incredible to say, but here goes: maybe Pete Carroll was right when he asked Jim Harbaugh: "What's your deal?"

At the time, I dismissed it as sore-ass-loser Pete Carroll, who got humiliated by a conference opponent at home, while sitting as a Top-10 team with a future first round QB.

But then last night, after the Harbowl, Jim and John shake hands. It goes something like this...

John: "I love you."
Jim: "Congratulations...."

Really? REALLY. And look at the awkward, arms-length, do NOT BRO HUG ME MAN BECAUSE WE ARE BROTHERS IN DNA ONLY, handshake and chest pat, cheek pat exchange.

Honestly, Jim. What IS your deal?


  1. jim H. is the biggest f'ing prick in the world. quit crying about a no call pass interference in the end zone.
    you think you're gonna get that questionable call to decide a super bowl??
    call some better plays down there and you wouldn't of been in that situation, you f'ing douche bag!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am far more trouble by the amount of media that is allowed on the field after these games...

    Is Jim a nozzle, probably... Do we need to judge him after loosing a VERY CLOSE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ON A CALL HE FELT WAS BLOWN..... probably not.

    Would we know about this if there wasn't 8000 cameras / camera men totally up their asses... Probably not... and we really don't need to know.....

    This has been a problem (media access) that has existed for a while, and is increasingly worse. The first time I noticed it was when Gretzky retired... There was a million photogs on the ice chasing him like a baby chases him Mom, it was actually a bit creepy... There is a thing called a zoom, there are items called field mics, they can provide as much access as you will need, with out being firmly up everyone involved asses.....

  3. Scott:
    Harbaughs a f'ing prick.
    did you see in post game interview crying about calls. he even thought that pass interference call on culliver when he mugged smith in the 4th quarter shouldn't of been called. then hes says i maybe a little biased! puhlease.
    i'm not judging him on just this loss.
    see pete carroll, see mike schwartz, see any of his interviews all year long.

  4. While I admire Jim Harbaugh as an obviously gifted coach who likely wins at least a couple Super Bowls before he's done I also think him to be something of a prick. For two weeks he knew he was facing off against his brother. For two weeks he knew he could very well lose this game. And, during that time he either never thought he'd lose or decided that if he lost he'd just treat his own brother no better than Belichick would treat Mangini. Just a dick move.

  5. Overly harsh on Hard-paw on this one fellas. Trying to find something wrong with his postgame every damn game. Come on, what's he supposed to do? He stopped, stood there and looked John in the eye, offered his congratulations and shook his hand. I was actually surprised that it went as well as it did. As for the Carroll thing, I never hear "whats your deal?" in that exchange.

  6. Czabe -- I agree that JHar is a total D-Bag, but you're mis-hearing the dialogue. JHar is the one who says "what's your deal?" It's in response to Carroll saying "you all right?"

  7. classic younger brother sick of losing to older brother..... again

  8. JS, you are wrong. Carroll says, "What's your deal, you all right?" to which Harbaugh replies, "Yeah,I'm all right. What's YOUR deal?

  9. Look. I'm all for "Let'em play".

    The DBs get SCREWED regularly. Receivers are allowed to climb up their backs for a "great catch" but if the DB does the same thing for an INT every yellow flag on the planet comes out.

    Was it P.I. ? Damn straight it was. The hand fighting goes both ways butI draw the line at DBs grabbing a handful of receiver jersey so that SHOULD have been P.I or, at the very least, defensive holding.

    BUT, if Harbaugh, The Younger, and 49er fans in general are going to claim THAT one, then they have to give back the "no call" on Flacco when he was CLEARLY smacked late and out of bounds which ould have kept a Ravens drive instead of settling for a FG.

    I suggest 49er fans listen to their own KNBR broadcastteam who CLEARLY blamed Kaepernick for A) AGAIN playing "Play Clock Roulette" and B) heaving up a horrid, uncatchable "prayer" of a throw. The ball landed well out of bounds which made the no-call much easier.

    In general, I thought the game was poorly officiated.