Thursday, July 26, 2012

Czabe vs. Nogueira

I am pretty sure this was 2002, because we staged this little bit of nonsense right around the World Cup. As I recall, my point on the whole matter, was that the penalty kick was too damn easy for real soccer players.

Good clean fun, and yes, I failed in my boast. 4 of 10, is not 5 of 10.

Now, for a little bit of the back story.

1. The crowd was huge. People were ditching their cars on the side of the road and running up to the range, just to catch a look. Amazing.

2. Because I was totally not used to kicking a ball, I completely FUCKED UP my ankle within hours after this was over. I mean, it was TRASHED. For whatever reason that year, I was put up by the station in a hotel room down by the airport. Usually, I crash with Mr. Nelson, but for some reason, I was on my own.

By the time I got back to my crummy little room, the ankle and shin was just SCREAMING in pain.

I hoped that lying down, and resting would help it simmer down. Nope.
I hoped that taking a warm bath, would help it stop the torture. Nope.

Now, it's about midnight, and I have NO CHANCE of sleeping because of the pain.

I decide to attempt a "limp down" to the lobby, in hopes of scoring some aspirin, as I had none in my bag.

I made it to halfway to the ice machine, and turned back. I almost had to crawl.

Finally, I just picked up the phone and called the front desk for an airstrike. I need several Tylenol, a bag of ice and 2 bottles of water.

Thankfully, the hotel delivered. And I managed to fall asleep at about 3 a.m.

Go ahead, call me a pussy. I've heard worse. But let that be a lesson kids. Just kicking a ball - and I presume, kicking it WRONGLY - can really tear the piss out of your ligaments.

Given a re-match with more training and proper soccer cleats, I like my chances.


  1. Warm bath was probably the worst thing you could've done. what were you thinking? "I stabbed it with knives for about an hour and it STILL didn't feel better!" geez...

  2. With your recent groin-age injury, was this wise. :-)

  3. damn...didn't see that date (i.e. this wasn't today) Doh !

  4. F****** Awesome. That's Why You are #1. And yes I would guarantee withj cash you would win a rematch.