Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Save Future Robbie Cano's From This "Horror"

"Into each life some rain must fall."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

File this under the ongoing pussification of American sports.

Bud Selig is "concerned" about how Robbie Cano got booed by the hometown Royals fans for not selecting hometown slugger Billy Butler for the HR derby. As such, he's considering ANOTHER new "rule" in which a hometown player MUST be in the derby, so as to avoid these millionaire ballplayers the horror of hearing 10 minutes of mild public displeasure.

As Longfellow said: "Put on a helmet, daisy. Life is rough."

If you missed it, here's Deadspin's take, with a great cut-up of every single one of Cano's NON-home runs.

Dude took a freaking BAGEL in the contest, and was booed straight out of the chalk box. Fabulous.

It's the best boo-job since "Booooooo, Ben Konop!"


  1. Oh man I don't know what is the greatest all time video to go viral? This door knob Ben Konop getting heckled or the other door knob "boom goes the dynamite". Tough call!

  2. The strange thing is that Ben Konop's wikipedia entry contains no mention of this wonderfully awkward incident.

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  4. I thought the audio was funny....then i saw the video. awesome!