Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peter Aliss Rains Down Brutal Honesty

"Well, welcome back to a few crazy people here at Lytham. This is our summer, although you wouldn't think so. You might be in Alaska on a wet Sunday. But they're enjoying it, believe it or not. We're a funny, masochistic lot, getting more and more overweight as the years go by, with all the sitting in front of the television and playing with the whatever they play with. Some of the kids will stay sleeping... Son, one day you'll be overweight and out of work... like 90% of the world these days..."

Tirico: (laughing): "You're a classic..."


  1. bring back Ben Wright and Gary McCord.

  2. Just no sugar coating from Peter Aliss. He loves the new golfers with coaches, guru, wives or GF's or chefs. Not one of them able to hit a driver on a windy day.