Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Paterno, Not Exactly Resting In Peace



  1. Excellent production work, right up until the all too abrupt ending.

  2. Save for some self-involved morons within Happy Valley and alums throughout the U.S. -- everyone agrees the football program should go. Heck, Penn State as a PUBLIC institution should lose some tax-payer money for it's complete lack of moral compass.

    No doubt, if this whole situation would've happened at Ohio Sate or another rival, Happy Valley would be calling for their scalp along with the rest of the world.

    Good-bye to a currupt school!

  3. F Joe Pa that P.O.S. can go rot in hell! His family too! What kind of man can associate himself with a know pedophile and see him every day for 20 years and act like nothings wrong? A f'ing coward!

  4. Shut Down the Football Program for about 3 years to help PSU understand how egregious this was.

    All coaches would be compensated for the length of their contracts whether they move on to another job or not.

    All players would have the opportunity to transfer anywhere at any time. If they elected to stay at PSU, they would retain their full scholarships.