Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brewer Uniform Re-design Contest Enters Final Phase

So hey, whoa, how come you peeps never told me about this?

New Brewer uniforms?


And a contest to design it?? I like it even more.

So here are the final 3 uniform sets. I will gently say I "prefer" the classic "Brewer Glove B" on the front. The bottom font and style of jersey is very classic, and classy, but I don't know about that weird cartoonish hat head logo of the guy with the pipe for a nose.

They will only be used for one game in spring training and one game at Miller Park just before the season opens says the team. And the three finalists are all from out of state, which may or may not matter to you cheeseheads.

I say whichever uni wins, it deserves more than just two pre-season roll outs. Let it play 4-5 games this year. C'mon!


  1. The Tin-Man with the penis nose logo for the hat is horrible. The classic old-school Brewers is the best jersey. They need to re-think the hat. How about a script MB?

  2. That is the original Bernie Brewer "Keg of Beer" logo for the team right after they moved from Seattle.

    The big fingered MB glove logo was the joke that replaced the original classic logo for a team named after the 4 Big Brewers of Milwaukee when Bud Selig bought the franchise. Those would be Blatz, Miller, Pabst & Schlitz. I guess today the big 4 would be Miller, Sprecher, Lakefront, and Milwaukee Ale House?

  3. Love the old Keg logo. I hope that one wins. I also wish they would bring back the beer barrel slide!

  4. The guy with a "pipe for a nose" is actually the original mascot, Beer Barrel Man. For full info regarding that, check out

    And for a full history of the Brewers uniforms from 19070 to present, please check out,

  5. Wow those 3 choices are terrible. Glad they aren't going to use any of them in a real game.

  6. I would go with the Beer Barrel Man Logo. Its not as politically correct as the Mb Glove.
    What are Brewers, little Johnny? Well they are the nice people who make drinks like sasparilla and root beer. NO, no never make drinks with fermented grain that would intoxicate you. That would not be very nice.