Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Richard Sherman Attacked By Redskins Trent "Silverback" Williams

I won't say this video makes me any more enamored with either party: Sherman remains more mouth than resume at this point, and Williams has a short temper and poor judgement. Both are young Pro Bowl caliber players, however, so you take the good with the bad.

That said, the blame for this one goes on Trent by the margin of about 90-10, IMHO.

And before anyone gets any stupid ideas to go run and tattle, in case you didn't know Trent's self-glossed nickname is "Silverback". As in the mighty and fierce breed of gorilla.

He even has a large tattoo on his back of one. And a massive gold and jewelled neck chain too. (wise investment. You just can't trust stock brokers these days.)

It's a nickname the Commish himself used on draft night. And one that some people (understandably) aren't really thrilled about.

I report. You decide.


  1. At least he endorses the "ALE" Theory.

  2. I give Sherman credit for not going back after him. very few individuals would have been able to walk away after being punched.

  3. all that's missing of that monkey tat on his back is a porch.