Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Sophie Horn

Wow, that's one hot "golfer", Czabe!

You're darn right it is! And I hear she can even break 80! (maybe).

Look, nice looking tart. However, her golf "resume" is more flimsy than Mantei T'eo's cover story. In fact, I couldn't find any tournament results, only a few vague references to her being a "single digit handicap" and also a "part time golf instructor."

Of course, she's available for corporate outings and photo shoots.



  1. New caddie for Czabe at Congressional!

  2. I think your 15 minutes are about up, Sophie.

  3. Would it really matter if she could break 80? She can ride in my cart any! Question, is the Back Nine Network some vague reference to an activity she is open to?

  4. I'd still rather watch her than 90% of the Frumps out there now.