Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snicky: Michelle Beadle

So a funny thing happened when I went out Google Image Searching the spunky Ms. Beadle.

I had a hard time finding really aweome pics of her.

Hmm. That's odd, I thought. Because I KNOW she's HOT. I just know it.

So.... where' the pics? I mean, come on! This is the internet!

Then I realized: Beadle is hot because of WHO she is, and HOW she can hang with the fellas. She's funny. Knows sports. Doesn't take herself too seriously. Tweets pics of her and her girls out drinkin'.

Loves pro wrestling. I mean, hot. Right?

Sadly, the Access Hollywood thing just has her buried, and a little out of her league, so to speak, on pure looks. Get back to sports, Beads. We miss you.


  1. Have you seen your fellow alum Charissa Thompson, the new babe on Sportsnation? That would warrant a supplemental snicky.

    Michelle is now on NBC Sports Network.

  2. No pic from the ESPYs the night she was trying to get Aaron Rodgers to put it in her....

    1. Matthews brothers wanted to double team her, too!

  3. Swear she's Angie Dickinson's kin. I think she's kind of hot.

  4. NHL and NFL is sad she left 4 Letter.

  5. Some Beadle-mania goodness:


  6. Absolutely Love Beadle...Definitely hot, and could also be your best friend.

    Love hot women that are 'No Maintenance'.