Monday, January 21, 2013

Peyton Manning Foreshadows His Own Doom

So that backbreaking INT ol' LegoNeck threw against the Ravens last weekend? You know, the one where he suddenly thought throwing across his body, rolling away from the flow of the play was a GOOD idea in overtime?


He knows that's stupid. But like he said earlier this year: "When you are a 15 year veteran, you don't give a shit."

Skip to 1:48 to hear it. Or, enjoy the entire live mic sequence for still one of the greatest modern QB's of all time.


  1. I pointed this out in the comments of your previous thread.

    Thanks for noticing.

  2. Based on this clip, here's Pay-me-a-ton daily conversation to wifey: gotta fill the tank, right, right. gonna get some baby food, right. heck-uv-a job eli, right. gotta lay muh balsak on someones face right, right. gotta call daddy, right. tarded ape.