Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poll: Packers Shopping List

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  1. 1. Defensive End(s)
    2. Safety
    3. O Line

    Given some time, Dom Capers (along with the rest of the D coordinators around the league) will be able to craft schemes to slow down the Zonereadoptionpistol. DC should be on a bit of a hot seat for not having a scheme ready for it, especially after JOE WEBB was able to gash the GB D during the first quarter of the wildcard game.

  2. Part of defense defense defense is being able to make adjustments without needing an entire halftime to talk about it. Goes for GB's offense as well.

  3. Defense withpout a doubt!!! O line could use a body too. We either need a new D. coordinator or a new scheme. Our D looks good when we play the Jacksonville's and Tennessee's but anytime we play a good offensive team we get lit up!

  4. The Packers played the majority of the year without their last 3 first round choices on the field. All have the ability to be very good and had all three been in top form for the niners game, they might be playing this weekend. O-line and defense must improve. Teams with good ability to pass rush with 4 and have a good o-line/running game are the ones the Packers struggle to beat...Giants, Niners, Seahawks, and Vikings all fit that mold to varied degrees and accounted for 5 of the Packers losses this year. Better O-line and run stopping needed to beat those teams consistently.

  5. The defense has been gradually getting older, and has was even a problem during the 15 and 1 season. However, when your star quarterback can barely even stand up before he is sacked, much less get a decent pass off, I would say the biggest need is on the "offensive" line. Their pass protection was a joke, and if it wasn't for a couple of up and coming running backs, our run numbers would be even worse than they are. If we can get the defense all healthy at the same time, they are still a good unit. The O-line needs help now.

    PS - I have no idea how Saturday made it to the pro-bowl....

  6. The O-line is fine...the problem is our "best receivers in the NFL" can't freaking get open so Rodgers ends up holding on to the ball and getting sacked. That said, it never pays to spend picks or money on receivers so what they should shore up is the slow group of linebackers that get smoked by these running QBs. Like every other team, some better d-lineman would help too but those are tough to come by. A season where half the team DOESN'T get injured for once would help as well.