Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Bullshine Piles Up Overnight

Like waking up to an unexpected snowfall that covers the neighborhood, how hilarious was it to see that Manti T'eo had decided to conduct an OFF-camera interview, with an ON-camera reporter, on the four-letter-cable-station-in-the-Connecticut-woods.

On Friday night. Well after hours.

Yeah, sure. What now, Manti?

His new best whopper:

ESPN: "Why didn't you go visit her in the hospital?"
T'eo: "It never crossed my mind."

Congratulations. If true (it's not), you are the shittiest "boyfriend" in the history of "boyfriends."

Stop digging, dummy. Just stop.


  1. Manti's big mistake was in failing to learn from the example of Barack Obama. Manti should have simply claimed that Lennay was a "composite" of many different people - just like the fake girlfriend in Obama's autobiography.

  2. Czabe... let's not overlook the fact that the reporter selected to conduct this interview was Jeremy Schaap. Manti couldn't have gotten a softer puff-piece artist than this. If you have ever endured his "Sporting Life" segments that make the typical Olympic Games schmaltz seem hard-hitting, or witnessed his faux investigative reporting on "E:60", you know what I'm talking about.

  3. Kraft... shut the hell up... I know Czabe's political posturing encourages whack jobs like you to see some Obama or liberal conspiracy in EVERYTHING... but, trying to not embarrass yourself more than you already have and jusdt stick to the subject being discussed.

  4. I think that Kraft is onto something. Obammy did something very similar in his biography and he was rescued by the sycophants in the media that came up with the "composite" theory. "Bigirlish" is bothered by the similarity, but it is real.

  5. Manti is an amateur. Had he learned from the pros like Obama, instead of being forced to hide from the media, he would be well on his way to being the first polynesian president.

  6. new2tats is exactly right. What's even more appaling is the same lack of attention to details by the press. Czabe eloquently pointed it out in his blog, but many others have said the same thing. Now, you have everybody swallowing another lie and not really digging deeper. As much as I dislike Piers Morgan, he's the one who should be conducting this interview.

  7. A subject about Manti moves to Obama. Proof that the right wing nuts are losing it.

  8. Obama had a fake girlfriend too. Only the leftards would excuse Obama while laughing at Manti.

    That Kraft1963 nailed it is proven by the reaction of the left - repeating all of the usual attacks that leftards use in chatrooms and forums. This is a comparison they don't want to see spread.

  9. If Obama had a son, would he look like Manti?

  10. The best way for Manti to spin this is to come out and announce that he is gay and he was forced to create a fake girlfriend because he was afraid of the backlash he would receive as a devout mormon who was at a catholic school.
    If he does that, then this will all be OUR fault because we're all so insensitive and intolerant.
    And no one in the media will give him any crap about it because they'll be so afraid of being labelled a homo-phob.
    And other explanation just makes him look like an idiot.

  11. My mistake. I had forgetten the first rule of right-wing conspiracy mongering: Assume that rejection of your ludicrous suggestions by people with rational minds is proof of their validity

  12. Two worthless liars hailing from Hawaii with fictitious girlfriends. Survey says: similar

    To steal a bit from Sergeant Hulka, lighten up, bigirish...nobody is calling for the death penalty here.