Monday, January 7, 2013

Joseph Hazelwood, Meet Mike Shanahan

I've never seen anything like it my life.


But then again, I've only been watching sports rabidly since I was 10 (34 years and counting...) so many of you older folks might have something comparable.

Mike Shanahan, two-time Super Bowl winning NFL head coach, $7 million a year salary, just ran a franchise quarterback with an injured knee into the painted dirt before our very eyes.

He likely ran him into two additional ligament tears, but as of Monday afternoon they were only saying he would be heading to Dr. Andrews in Birmingham for a second look.

What a disaster.

What arrogance.

Never seen anything like it my life.

A layman's eye saw that Bob3 was operating at perhaps just 50% after the first re-injury just before he flicked a one-legged TD pass to Logan Paulson.

Nobody can play in the NFL at 50%.


Especially not in a playoff game being played at 110%.

Yet Shanny kept him in, ran him into a crumpled heap, and promptly took to the podium after the game to blame.... yes.... Griffin.

Never seen anything like it my life.

Coaches get paid to tell players "no." They get paid to make hard decisions. They don't get paid to explain how hard they are to make after the game.

And this wasn't even a hard decision.

Your star QB has hurt himself, again. You are ahead 14-0.

Go to the bullpen. Run the shit out of the ball. Adjust your gameplan at halftime. Hang on for victory.

This is not Monday Morning Quarterbacking. This was obvious. This is consensus.

Shanahan didn't even call timeout after Bob3 hobbled - HOBBLED! - back to the huddle after the first re-injury.


Never seen anything like it.

This coach's arrogance is absolutely killing him.

The arrogance to think he could fix McNabb's myriad technical flaws.
The arrogance to think Grossman/Beck would work as a starting tandem.
The arrogance to try to shame Haynesworth back into shape.
The arrogance to lie repeatedly, and badly, about simple things that need basic communication to the media.

Now, with the possibility that Griffin is gone for up to a year, we'll see if that second big contract is coming.

Time to go?


  1. I was curious as to what your take would be on this.
    I was saying mid way thru the first quarter they gotta get this dude off the field. It's not like you got Joe Webb waiting to come in, I personally think Cousins is starting QB material.
    To trot BobIII back out there when he couldn't run or plant to pass is shameful, and irresponsible. In today's football when a player has a headache he has to go thru 75 tests to be cleared to play, yet a guy with an obviously torn up/broken knee is allowed to play is so hypocritical. It's like we don't want this guy to be a vegetable the rest of his life but if he never walks again well him out there.
    To risk the future of this great talent for a measly playoff game when in all likelihood you're not beating the Pack, Falcons or Niners i is despicable.
    The skins r lucky he didn't destroy his knee ala Theismann.
    If my QB Rodgers were in that condition and they kept him in and in fact were calling RUNNING PLAYS! for him I would be calling for McCarthys head.
    Dr. Andrews and Shanny should be shown the door this morning.

  2. After rereading your post czabe I find it comical and troubling at the same time that he will be going to Dr. Andrews for another look today.

    This is the same quack that gave him the green light to go when it was obvious to a 3rd grader he couldn't do anything.

    If I had a say in the well being of BobIII the last guy on this planet I would be calling is Andrews.

    What? Dr. VanNostren is booked this morning????

  3. I was only sporadically watching the game yesterday, and I could see that BobIII had no business being out there. He was hurt, and could not defend himself. Seeing the replay of BobIII gimping and grimacing while scrambling for a 9 yard gain was painful. That was until the knee finally gave out. The arrogance by Shanahan and the Redskin medical staff is appalling. 60 YO Shanahan needs to remember these are men that he is responsible for...not only to win the game, but also for them. As much as it frustrates me with the cautious nature of the Packers and Dr. McKenzie, I now see with clarity why their approach is more sound --- they look long term, after playing days are over, for the overall health of the player. Shanahan needed to pull BobIII out in the 2nd quarter, and move on from there.

  4. I haven't watched much football since the Packer/Seahawk fiasco, but father in law was visiting and he wanted the game on. Did see the early performance of RG. Would have pulled him a lot sooner than the early injury described. Clearly he was putting self in danger and was not in position to help the team. Those are the basic criteria to use when allowing an athlete return to play. Is it safe? Will it help the team? Answer no to either and shut it down. Answer no to both and you get what happened in D.C. Sunday. Andrews is a decent surgeon. He got famous doing a rather easy surgical procedure fixing medial elbow ligaments. Can't imagine there isn't a better fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedist in D.C. I'll take the sports surgeon I work with anyday over Andrews! Biased? Yes. But, he is really good. But, don't send RG to us. Don't need the headache of dealing with the pro athletes. Not worth the hassle!

  5. A couple of those examples at the end of your post were forced upon Shanahan. Haynesworth and McNabb were forced upon him by Snyder and he made the best of it. You know that Snyder is the real problem and that niether Shanahan nor any other coach will make good decisions as long as Snyder is looming over this team. You pointed out that Shanahan wants to win now at all costs and that is why he is risking RG3's health. Shanahan feels this desparation because he knows that Snyder is whimsical and unpredictable. This is the predictable result of a Snyder administration. Place the blame where it lies.


  7. Czabe - What the heck is going on with the Skins? First of all, the field conditions were terrible - sand painted green - really?? Then your QB is ALLOWED to play when he is clearly limited because of a prior injury and ends up with a serious injury. Isn't this the NFL, the premier league in the world?

  8. First off, it was a great game because I was proven right yet again when I said before the draft that the Skins were retarded for giving up so much for RGIII when they'd be just as well off (or better) with Russell Wilson.

    That said, there are 2 additional take-aways from the game:
    1. It's insane that they can't grow GRASS in Washington.
    2. It's insane that everyone blames the coach or the Dr for a player's health and a player's decisions. Last I checked RG3 is a grown man and SHOULD be capable of making decisions for himself. If he's TOO STUPID or macho to take himself out of the game, boohoo for him.

  9. Boss: well, 1 out of 3 ain't bad. Yes, Wilson will prove to be a better QB long term (he already is).

    Grass doesn't grow in D.C. in winter. It's dormant (at least the mix of species they use on that field). Rye will grow in fall, but it stops growing by November (not enough hours of sun).

    NO player will pull himself out of a game. It's called testosterone. Plus, these guys are football players, so they're not that smart, by definition (see, for example. Alabama vs. Notre Dame, and guess which team took more calculus). That's why players need adult supervision (i.e., MDs and coaches) to tell them when they can't play.

  10. Bob, the Packers have a great system in place to keep their grass growing without issue. (underground heaters). However if that fails, they rip up the grass and lay down fresh grass that's trucked in.(is synder to cheap to pay for a field replacement for one game?

    1. Sure, it's possible to grow anything, anywhere if you really put your mind to it. Arizona is an agricultural mecca yet really shouldn't support human life. I'm just saying that grass doesn't naturally grow in D.C. in January, that's all.

  11. .....and the Packers have developed a system that includes "grow lights" that supplement the lack of natural light in the winter. I'm sure someone from the "Skins" could take the Lambeau tour and learn all about this!

  12. Griffin is slightly built, Redskins accepted, er embraced his style of play ala Cam Newton, Michael Vick et al and what do you get: A hobbled QB who's currently and probably going forward is not worth 1/4 of what he was coming into league. I think Redskin nation might ought to be pissed, but it's football and the whole whodunit drama is tiresome and is not really accomplishing a damn thing. It's football and Griffin is now hurt. News? Not really. Go Panthers.

  13. Joe, are you around? Joe?? Hello??? LOL

  14. Could happen on any play in any game previous injury or not. To blame the coach for the injury is crazy, with that logic RG3 would have never played 1 down...EVER.

  15. The way RG3 was handled in this game reveals that Snyder has not changed his spots. I.e. win NOW at ALL costs. The future be damned becuase I can spend a ton on whomever I want next year. RG3 was too earnest, young, and willing to please to fight back. Sure, he said he wanted to play, but of course he would say that and do his best anyway. Oh, and having the doctor on the sideline was just a CYA move. I mean, what did he REALLY do? Snyder ruined a once-in-a-generation talent just because he could. Makes him feel like the big men who pushed him around in high school. I'm out until (a) Snyder is gone OR (b) RG3 resurfaces, which I think is unlikely for more than one more season. What a crying shame, and shame on YOU, "Mister" Snyder.