Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cover5 Leagues Final Results

As my friend Mr. X once famously taught me.... "Winning is nice. Getting PAID.. is even nicer."

Too true.

It is time for me to pay out our 1st Annual Cover5 Cash league. And I have two *small* problems.

1. I have one "gentleman" (not really) by the name of Christopher Jackson, who has not paid and will not respond to my emails. If you look at his profile, he stopped filling out picks around Week 6 and then just stared taking -40's en route to last place. How shall we handle this? My gut is to merely back out his $100 from the pot, and I will learn a hard easy lesson: NEVER trust people to pay, when you physically do not know where they live and are unwilling to visit them with a crowbar.

2. I forgot what the 1-2-3 split was supposed to be! I had jotted it down in the "Message to League" space above the standings. Then, I posted another message about paying up (or something) and the original split agreement was gone. So, please help me "recall" what that split was. Surely, enough of you remember so that there is no hard feelings about me mistakenly changing the payout after the fact. (Don't matter to me, I didn't finish in the money).

Congrats to Dave Bertsch for finishing strong to claim the first place prize. Methinks I need to make some kickass trophy to go with this thing, if we are going to do it, year after year.

A "well played" to both Jay Dell and Neil Jacobs (Rockville Pike Car Dodgers) for taking silver and bronze.

So sorry to Brian Williams, the captain of the "Richmond Mafia" who built a huge over the first half of the season, and then just let it all slip away, including a disastrous -22 in the final week.

Scotty Linn won the Czabe Show Title finishing 7th. Yours truly finished 14th. Galdi 25th, and Solly 31 out of 32 - AND HE WAS NOT TRYING TO TANK!


And here was the top-10 of our FREE league, with WINNER getting those two nights lodging and free VIP Pass to CzabeVegas 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

You will note this guy "Bob" joined the pool mid-season, and still won it..... amazing, right? Fishy? Not so fast. Just so you know, the game is essentially "hack proof" and I think there is a BIG disadvantage to NOT play the entire season. So if you think it would be easier to try to copy this "strategy" next year, then go for it. Unless we collectively decide that the requirement to play, is to play all 17 weeks - a rule I am certainly open to consideration.

So anyhow, if "Bob" does not claim the CzabeVegas prize, then it will default downward to the next winner (and so on....) until we get somebody who is willing to commit to joining me, Scotty, Bob and Brian in Vegas in a mere 64 days!


  1. I think the payouts were

    1st - $2000
    2nd - $800
    3rd - $400

  2. Cmon, man. You got to play all 17. Or, assign
    -40 to any weeks not played like you automaticlly got if you missed one while playing. Speaking of, how did second place get a 'blank' on week 16? Where was the -40?

  3. I am thinking the same thing, where are all the -40? You say this strategy is hard? Looks to me like there is a major loophole in the game. Glad I wasted my time.