Tuesday, January 29, 2013

San Fran's Zone Read: "By The Numbers"

Say what you will about ESPN's Michael Smith, or the value of paying a sharpie artist to painfully draw out pictures like this.

But the season numbers right now on San Fran's Zone Read are pretty eye popping.

Will it last?

Logic says "no". Why? Because currently the play/formation is UN-stoppable.

I just don't believe in permanently UN-stoppable plays in the NFL.

That said... here's the numbers, if you can't sit still for 1:30 of dry erase scribbling.


"Option" Plays in the NFL (All Teams)
2010 - 49
2011 - 277
2012 - 515

San Fran's YPC on Zone Read
5.8 When handing off to RB
11.8 When Kaepernick keeps it

Play Action Passes of 20+ Yards off Zone Read
54% complete. #1 in NFL

Hits on QB in Zone Read
6 of 55 Called Plays (less than 1 per game)
0 of 41 When he actually hands the ball off

Average Run Before Contact by RB's in Zone Read
5.9 Yard from Line of Scrimmage

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