Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"He's Gone, Jim...."

I was going to write a lengthy explanation of why I am no longer tweeting. But, Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog called me up and said: "What the hell, dude?"

Turns out, he did a much better job of 'splainin' it all than I could have. Thanks Dan!
“I’ve gone 14 days,” Czabe told me Monday. “I feel like 14 days sober.” 
Czaban had been pledging to give up the site for a variety of reasons, some that you’ve heard before and some that maybe you haven’t. 
There’s the occasional nastiness that can infiltrate exchanges, the slippery slope in which you suddenly find yourself trading unfriendly barbs with anonymous strangers. Czaban became particularly well-acquainted with that routine after sending a perhaps less than sensitive tweet about Andy Reid over the summer, which made it onto national blogs and prompted a whole lot of unfriendliness from Eagles fans. 
“I was a little bit messed up mentally there for a day or two,” he said. “Why have I invited onto my personal cell phone a little app that delivers hate right to my eyeballs? What kind of idiocy is that?”

Stupid idiocy. That's what kind.


  1. I'm not sure I can blame you, but I'll miss your tweets. Come back, Czabe. Come back!

  2. Shoulda stuck to your guns from the start and stayed off that beast. Glad you've set yourself free.

  3. Geez Steve, maybe it's nit-picking but how would you know what 14 days sober feels like???