Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If You Don't Understand Liberals, This Explains Everything

The greatest mind-trick in the left's entire arsenal is politicizing emotion. Once one accomplishes that, there is no limit on a government's mandate to take action, since there are no rational limits on emotion.
Since so many on the left are dominated by feelings, and not animated as much by concern for facts and reason, most don't care about the consequences of their actions. They just hope that things will get better. This is not to say that left-wingers are stupid; they are rather expert rationalizers and sophists. They put the cart before the horse -- emotion before reason.

Today's typical totalitarian leftist is thus not a jackboot-wearing thug, but an overly sensitive, cardigan-wearing milquetoast, whose obsessions about feelings make him immune to rational argument. The danger of granting the government endless power to do good, like everything else, is rationalized away or dismissed by the leftist, since even the thought of making peace with an imperfect world makes him uncomfortable. This is why the left will never learn from history: the past is only prologue to the coming utopia, which will be perfectly just and fair

This short, lazer sharp piece, is perhaps the best link-forward email you can send to a friend or family member, currently on the fence of "this just doesn't feel right" about where our country is headed these days.


  1. What a great article. Thanks for posting.

  2. Please, Czabe, stick to sports. If I wanted a political column I'd head over to Hannity or Limbaugh. Way too much politics lately.

    Thank you.

  3. Politics from the sports radio guy, kind of like marriage counselling from a Catholic priest.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Czabe. The politicians have screwed up politics, so it's time for ordinary folk like Czabe to take a crack at it.

  5. Ah, since Czabe's paid profession is as a sports talk radio host, he is in no way qualified to deviate to any other relevant civic topics. If you want mindless, artificially processed sports drivel on a repeating loop, go tune into Mike and Mike.

  6. Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work Sir!

  7. LOL politics advice from a talking head. Great. Newsflash - this article is retarded because playing on emotions & fear is what ALL politicians do and have done for hundreds of years! 1 of infinite examples - the right convinces us we need a huge military for our own safety.

  8. I could not disagree with you more. I think framing the argument in terms of 'conservative good, liberal bad' does not address the problem. Unfortunately I have to agree with the George Carlin take on politics.

    "The things that matter in this country have been reduced in choice, there are two political parties, there are a handful insurance companies, there are six or seven information centers.. but if you want a bagel there are 23 flavors. Because you have the illusion of choice!"

  9. Conservatives and conservative thought in the US are totally fragmented, kind of busted apart. Without the help of Hollywood, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, print news, news mags, etc. liberals would be much less effective and pervasive today. In other words, their "mob" is working to their advantage. What used to be referred to as the "silent majority" is less a majority these days but just as silent. We members simply go about our lives, go to work, pay our taxes, attend our church, raise our kids, all without fanfare; something self-aggrandizing liberals cannot fathom and actually consider "extreme". Lastly. Yes, Czabe can have a fucking opinion on politics, why not? To marginalize or otherwise mug him to only sports is crazy. Typical response of a liberal. Just shut up and do what I suggest and don't disagree with me. Sounds like Obama. If Czabe started rolling with Lauer, Matthews and that fellow Maddow, then I would have to call bull-shit on Czabe and politics. But until then, keep on keeping on my brother.

  10. If you applied the ol' "stick to ____ (your profession)" argument to everyone, then only elected politicians would be deemed worthy of an opinion on the state of the republic. Such is nonsense. It is important for anyone who cares, to make their voice heard in a way that one deems appropriate.

    I found this piece particularly excellent, and on point. That's why it is part of the 3% of this site that ventures into "politics."

    The ol' "both sides are just as bad" argument only applies to Republicans vs. Democrats, which is entirely different than Conservatives vs. Liberals.

    Republicans are (sadly) just the inept football team that plays for conservative fans in the country. And they do suck the big one. Team Donkey is far more adept at playing for their liberal fans than we are, and as such they are rollin' right now.

    Of course I believe conservatism is RIGHT and the far more successful and humane political philosophy in the entire world. It has the best track record!

    But it's getting to be a harder and harder sell to most Americans today. We are collectively more stupid, distracted, and entitled than at any time in our history.

    Plus, the modern venues of communication (thanks, internet and cell phones!) make it even easier and more efficient to herd the sheep into voting themselves "things" from Uncle Sam.

    It's a grim horizon out there for conservatives like myself, and the 47% who are with me. But you just have to hope that eventually people start to see the light.

    This article was a small little beam of light, and one that I happily share. You can ignore it, applaud, or shake your fist. I don't care. It's a free country.

    At least for the time being.

  11. The liberal entitlement state will continue until....until it can't. Nobody will be able to stop this until the financial/fiscal ruin it will eventually cause happens. As for the article...it is exactly what liberals do. They thrive on both fear and emotions. Logic, history, and economic literacy are very foreign to them. They preach tolerance while being intolerant. They scream racism when they are actually the racists. They demand fairness, yet constantly make things even less "fair". The young people are eventually going to wake up, see the destruction, and wonder why am I having to work so hard for your debt. If they don't and keep putting liberals in office, we will get exactly what we deserve.

  12. I had a friend who was an awesome softball player and he really took issue with a statement I made about softball players vs baseball players. I said "You can be a lousy baseball player yet still be an awesome softball player, but you can not be a lousy softball player and a still be an awesome baseball player." He hated me for pointing out the truth.
    Same sort of analogy can be made for liberals. Liberals could not exist without conservatives. They need our productivity to fund their programs. On the other hand conservatives would be most content without liberals and would be just fine.

  13. Well put, Jimmy, well put.

    Ever notice that the liberals,almost above all else, preach "diversity" and respect for all different ways of life, viewpoints, and opinions - except those of conservatives?

  14. Well said, lib-tards are ruled by emotion. That's why there's absolutely no debate, discussion, or argument that can sway them.
    We hit them with facts and they come back with tears. They don't call them bleeding hearts for nothing.

  15. This is the dumbest line of illogic. So you can just plainly state "liberals are ruled by emotion, conservatives are ruled by facts"?

    That's a completely arbitrary unprovable statement that would only be accepted as fact by conservatives, since that's the initial assumption. What self-indulgent garbage. I guess you can't see how ironic it is that you would embrace an unprovable circular argument as "fact", since of course you are ruled by facts.

    I could just reverse all of the talking points present here in the comments:
    -"Conservatives are completely closed-minded and absolute, no argument can sway them"
    -"Ever notice how conservatives preach 'freedom' and 'citizens rights', except when it comes to a cause promoted by Democrats?"
    -"Conservatives are the loudest complainers about govt support programs until they lose their job and need unemployment, or need to refinance their house, or get old and need Medicare"
    I did the same thing. Does that make it true?

    I'd recommend a read on circular reasoning, since you love facts:

    Or am I letting my emotions get the best of me?

  16. Btw Czabe, despite my post above, I absolutely love your radio shows. I don't agree with your politics, but I'm just trying to keep it fair and balanced here in the comment section!

    Keep up the good fight on the Twitter cold turkey. I hope Twitter and instant replay continue to backfire enough that they eventually die off.

  17. Good twist, JohnW, but at least in warping my comment, it's a bad analogy. Conservatives reject the causes by Democrats that require government programs for the ends which they want to achieve. Why? Exactly because they are proposing a government program that infringes on "freedom" and "citizens' rights." Freedom and citizens' rights do NOT come from Democrat causes (or Republican ones for that matter) - they come from our inalienable rights as humans.

    On the other hand, as far as ideas on how to ensure we keep our freedoms, Democrats are all too willing to listen to every opinion from every walk of life as to how to "do something" - except for the often sound judgment of conservatives, who urge that the "somthing" better not infringe on rights that we have - which of course brings us back to gun control.

  18. Complaints of irrationally emotional Liberals from irrationally emotional Conservatives...? Oh, that is rich.

    If you don't like the tactics, that's fine...but the volume of fear mongering coming from the right is just a little ridiculous and certainly no less "just doesn't feel right" than what's happening from the other side. Is "try and take my guns away and we'll have a civil war" any more rational than anything uttered by typical totalitarian leftist, overly sensitive, cardigan-wearing milquetoast lefties?

    C'mon man!