Sunday, January 20, 2013


Consider this: if not for two horrible mistakes by a punt return man last year, Jim Harbaugh would be going to his second straight Super Bowl.

In his first two years as head coach in the NFL.


It's the greatest hire in the history of the NFL. Period.

And it's not like he took over a "stocked" team. This was an underperforming group, with a quarterback widely considered a "bust."

Now, he's going to the big game, after pulling off one of the gutsiest moves in recent memory. Benching a winning QB, for an unproven 2nd year flyer, mid-season.

Whatever motivated the Eagles to overpay Chip Kelly to the tune of $32.5 million for 5 years (drunken stupidity?), he should really kick back at least 20% to Harbaugh as a defacto "commission."

I don't know how Kelly will be in Philly, but I know this: there's only one Jimmy Hard-paw. 

This dude is incredible. And his team is a perfect reflection of his slow-boil intensity. The last guy was a great sound bite. This one can control his emotions and lift his team up in the process.

Down 17-0 with the Georgia Dome on "tilt" Sunday, they calmly clawed their way back off the mat and started throwing haymakers. 

That's not X's and O's. That's the force of personality.

Not that Harbaugh's chalkboard acumen is lacking, or his ability to spot and utilize talent (I mean, look at how good they have been drafting since he got there!). He's got an amazing combination of instinct, motivational skills, organization and drive.

When exactly, do you think, the Harbaugh Niners will NOT be a force to be reckoned with again in the NFC?

Shit. I'm saying 8 years, minimum. It's pretty goddamn depressing, honestly.


On the Falcons front, I do feel bad for Matt Ryan. Nice guy. Excellent quarterback. Two big mistakes in that second half that should never happen. Then with a left shoulder crushed, he fizzled at the end. He'll be back. But I was rooting for him.

Ditto for Tony Gonzalez, who goes out ALMOST "on top."

Hard to believe, because he certainly LOOKS like he could play another year. But the guy can walk off the field, no limps, no drool cup, handsome face, and walk right into Canton. 

Don't look back, Tony.


In the 2nd half, timeouts are gold. Pure. Fucking. Gold. 

They are NEVER worth using to avoid a 5 yard penalty. Ever.

The Falcons used one that way.

So instead of being able to force the Niners into a "zero time" possession where only 15 or seconds would be used on 3 straight running plays, they were essentially able to expire the clock.

Once again: when will coaches come to understand this?


How is instant replay working for all of you Replay Fanatics?

So there was a HUGE call waiting to be "corrected" in the Harry Douglas non-catch. To many of us (me, and everyone else in the world besides Terry McAuley and Mike Pereira) it looked pretty clearly that the ball started coming loose, and only was corralled with the DEFINITE assistance of something called THE FUCKING GROUND!

Now, part of the problem, is that they have managed to write the rules so backward-ass confusing, that nobody really knows what is or is not a catch. Vague terms like "maintain control" and "complete the process" and blah blah blah.

In the old days, it was simple. Keep the fucking ball from touching the ground. PERIOD.

But now, who knows?

And instant replay was as useless as tits on a bull, because when the play on the field was ruled a catch, and when a human being is required to break the obviously visually plain to see bad news to a rabid sold out home crowd like in this case, that human being is just going to fucking turn to mush and say "eh, inconclusive."

Or something. Because until we have robots make these video reviews, the dude who still has to sleep at night without a gun under his pillow, is not going to make the TECHNICALLY right call.

It's a system so stupid, time consuming and worthless, I have no idea why anybody still thinks we need it, or that it even works.

Luckily, for Niner fans and Jim Harbaugh's head, it turned out not to matter.

Next time, we all might not be so lucky.


  1. Yeah yeah we know the Harbaugh bros are the greatest coaching tandem to ever step foot on the planet. DREADING the 2 weeks of Harbaugh gushing ahead.

    As for the 49'ers....really not that great of a team. They'll fall faster than they rose because they still don't have a QB and will soon be without a RB with Gore getting old.

    Replay wouldn't be half bad IF they were allowed to review any call, such as pass interference. It should also be patterned more along common sense - if it looks like a guy made a catch or fumbled, then call it a catch or fumble. It's that's simple (or should be).

  2. Winner is Harbaugh!

    Awful Super Bowl. Just a wet dream for CBS and "Hello Friends Jim Nantz to interview all the family and "Hello Friends."

    Who cares? Its about The Children.

  3. Replay is a complete f'ing waste of time. Czabe, the more I think about it, the more I think that it's a secret boon to the NFL b/c it creates MULTIPLE additional series of commercials to every NFL broadcast.

    Given that replay is still about 50/50, the same accuracy rate as just plain old humans making the calls on the field, the net net of instant replay is simply more guaranteed ads, and therefore more cash. Straight cash, Roger Goodell.

  4. I sit here a broken Cleveland fan with the false hopes of our...5th, no 6th, no 7th head coach since we came back in the league in 1999. I watch teams like the niners and ravens (gag) win and win again with smart coaches and well run organizations and I think to myself "well at least we have the Cavs...oh wait nevermind".

  5. As a Falcons fan, it was tough to see them give up yet ANOTHER lead in the second half. Painful, just painful to watch.

    That being said, I agree with you about Harbaugh. He's done a fantastic job.

    And given my hatred of Ray "Look At Me" Lewis, I'll be rooting for the Niners all the way.

  6. Czabe - I can sense your jealously over the Eagles signing Kelly. Deep down, you hope that he's the next Steve Spurrier, but there's a part of you that fears that he might be the next Bill Walsh, and innovator who changes the game. Only time will tell.

  7. boss hogg:
    how can you possible say the niners don't have a qb. dude i hate the niners but the kappernick kid is the real deal. he's michael vick only faster, more accurate, more dedicated, and a better leader. oh did i mention smarter, he scored a 37 on his wonderlic! a fricken 37 no one does that. he may of not rushed for a lot but he was accurate and the two rushing td's were direct resutls of the line man freezing due to the zone option. the guy is here to stay.

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  9. We have lost sight of the original intent of replay. To correct a horrific call when the entire viewing public can see the error. Each coach should get two replays per game period. Use at your own discretion.

  10. Man, youre good in the morning, but youre a little blinded by wanting to be so right about replay.

    The rule is if the ball touches the ground after the player secures control of it, it is a catch, provided that the player continues to maintain control.

    You may think that rule is convoluted, but if you think about it, it really isnt. Your guy makes a great catch, has control, maintains control but the ball happens to touch the ground? And that’s no catch??? You would be po’ed. Now, the ground can not help you catch the ball. But that is in there. Control, and maintain control. If the ground is helping the receiver achieve control, no catch – he never secured control of it. Douglass had control, and maintained control. But yes, Bob should have admitted it touched the ground, which it did. But the rule makes it clear it doesn’t matter.

    Yeah, its a judgment call on both the “get control” and “maintain control” but that is why they re-run the replay at several speeds. The Douglass catch was a catch. And jim harbaugh is a complete douche for his apoplectic reaction to the decision.

  11. Did not take over a stocked team? Ten of the current 49ers were acquired during Mike Nolan’s regime, including first-team All-Pros linebacker Patrick Willis and safety Dashon Goldson, second-teamers defensive tackle Justin Smith and left tackle Joe Staley and key contributors like running back Frank Gore, tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker, defensive lineman Ray McDonald and cornerback Tarell Brown.

  12. Exactly GarDog. That defense was well stocked. The O-line was good and got better with draft. Fully stocked? NO. Bare cupboards? No. They were a team on the verge before Harbaugh. Saw that in the 2009 team. They will continue to be good. But, they have several teams on their heels...Seahawks are built to beat them...good running game, elusive QB, strong defense. Redskins are a team on the rise. Giants will be back. Packers will have their last 3 1st rounders back on the field. Though beaten by the Niners twice this year, they aren't that far away. Falcons will still be very good. Vikings? get a couple of recievers and they are a huge threat (pounded the niners this year).

  13. jgd - you had a good point about the ground and getting control of the ball...but then you "forgot" to mention that the ground helped maintain control in this case. So your entire post is invalid.

    As for Kappernick - the jury is obviously still out. His accuracy in my opinion isn't that great and he also may not be that good of a decision maker. Only time will tell. My money is on him being average at best until he starts getting injured from running.

  14. Sorry Boss, youre just wrong. Did it help? Its a judgment call. Call on field was "no." There was not enough on tape to say "yes it did." Look at it. Im not sure they do this, but ask yourself, does he make the catch if the ground is not there? If possibly yes, cant overturn. I look at it and say, for instance, there is no doubt he makes the catch if he does the same thing 2 feet higher. Ground didnt help. Flip it. If the call was "the ground helped, no catch", its highly likely there was not enough to say the ground didnt help. Thems the rules.