Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purple Jesus on RG3 Comeback: Curb Your Enthusiasm

From one pro football warrior to another, Adrian Peterson is trying to help Robert Griffin III in his comeback, whether RG3 knows it or not.

By saying that anyone who thinks RG3 will match Peterson's amazing comeback from ACL surgery is being totally un-realistic, I think he's sending a subtle "bat signal" to the kid to not do anything stupid in rehab that might further compromise his long term career.
"This is also a matter of genetics," Peterson said. "Look at my dad. And my mom's side, my aunts and uncles, they're all ripped. At 50 years old, they've got six packs and eight packs. 
"My body just heals differently. I know it has a lot to do with rehabilitation and work ethic -- but I really credit my genetics for my recovery as much as anything else."
Freak, indeed! (see below!) But I still wouldn't mind seeing AP's mee-maw and pee-paw. And if they DO have six and eight-packs, I want to know what THEY are on!


  1. AP is a bigger choad than Mant'i if he really thinks we're gullable enough to believe he's not on some form of PEDs. If one thing has been PROVEN without a doubt it is that athletes will DENY DENY DENY their use of PEDs until the absolute bitter end when they have no other choice.

  2. Don't know for certain about the PED's, but he is definitely one of the biggest choads around...

  3. Those sort of comments ('really credit my genetics....') reek of doping.

  4. Jimmy the Greek agrees with AP's assessment of having good genetics.

  5. reporter Jeff Darlington has the story of Peterson's long road back from his Christmas Eve injury, in which he tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee. And it begins with the words of James Andrews, the world-renowned surgeon who operated on him.

    "I can't believe it," Andrews told Peterson's parents, according to the article. "For this guy to have played as much football as he's played his whole life, and not to have hardly any wear and tear, it's incredible. I've never seen a football player, especially one who runs and cuts as much as he does, with a knee in that condition. It's like a newborn baby."